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OJ Simpson Killed My Son … NOT Florida Serial Killer

The father of one of O.J. Simpson‘s victims doesn’t believe an alleged confession by a death-row serial killer — who’s now taking credit for the Nicole Brown/Ron Goldman murders — telling TMZ, OJ’s still guilty guilty guilty.

In case you didn’t know, a famed serial killer named Glen Rogers — who’s currently on death row in Florida — has allegedly confessed to murdering Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman … claiming OJ paid him to break into Nicole’s home and steal $20,000 in jewelry … and kill her if necessary.

The “confession” is the subject of a new documentary on the Investigation Discovery network, airing this week — but Ron’s dad Fred Goldman (a prominent figure in the 1995 OJ trial) insists it’s just a BS story to market the show.

Fred says, “OJ Simpson murdered Nicole

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Investigation Discovery profiles “Wives with Knives”

U.S. cable net Investigation Discovery is set to celebrate Thanksgiving in its own unique way with the premiere of Wives with Knives on November 23, and a lead-in from returning series Facing Evil with Candice Delong.

Wives with Knives is hosted by criminologist and behavioral analyst Dr. Casey Jordan, who sits down with women who have stabbed their significant others. The premiere episode airs at 10 p.m. EST/PST.

The six-part series, produced by Indigo Films, examines what led each wife to stab their partners, with stories including a couple that married after a whirlwind courtship and wound up in a jealousy-fueled fight.

Facing Evil with Candice Delong sees the former FBI criminal profiler going into prisons to speak with two convicted murderers, women who still maintain their innocence.

The back-to-back episodes, produced by Beyond Entertainment, begin at 8 p.m. EST/PST on November 23.

“For better or for worse, the women featured on Wives with Knives literally cut the men out of their lives,” said

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