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TV show to feature Indy siblings who murdered family

An Indianapolis brother and sister who killed their mother and grandparents in 2004, then dismembered their bodies and buried them in the basement, will be featured Wednesday in a segment of the new TV show Evil Kin on the Investigation Discovery channel.

The episode will

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After a Brush With Death, the Terror Is Still Palpable


In this re-enactment from “Surviving Evil,” Lisa McVey sits in the passenger seat of Bobby Joe Long’s car, bound and blindfolded.

Investigation Discovery

Investigation Discovery’s biggest discovery has been that there is enough real-life crime to fuel an entire cable channel. Its lineup is full of tales constructed

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Black Sheep Turn Their Backs on Family in Investigation Discovery’s New Series ‘Evil Kin’ (Video)

Investigation Discovery logo JUNE 2012

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From fiery red hair to long, lean legs, it’s amazing to witness unique traits handed down the family line. But when a relative exhibits characteristics of a more malevolent manner, it raises an age-old debate with an unsettling twist: could nature have produced an evil mutation or has nurture created a monster?

Premiering Wednesday, August 28 at 9 PM E/P, Investigation Discovery’s new series EVIL KIN examines families unraveled by the cruel conduct of a black sheep. Murder. Abuse. Cult activity. Mind games. Identity theft. Even incest. Every town has “that family” that incites fear as much as it fuels morbid curiosity. Whether it’s siblings from hell, the spawn of Satan, or an entire household of horrors, it’s not hard to dig up the root of all evil in these six episodes of family trees nearly cut down by

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