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New Season of ‘Most Evil’ to Premiere Sunday, December 7 on Investigation Discovery.

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(Silver Spring, Md.) – After more than five years, the compelling series, MOST EVIL returns with new episodes and a fresh look when it premieres on Investigation Discovery on Sunday, December 7 at 10/9c to examine the minds behind the most heinous murders.  In its new format, hosted by leading clinical and forensic psychologist Dr. Kris Mohandie, the series shines a klieg light on a killer’s motive, method and thought process.  One of the most provocative and most popular features is coming back in this new season — the infamous scale classifying killers from impulse murderers, to those motivated by jealousy or rage, to the outright psychopathic.


“The goal of this series

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Capturing Snowden: How Laura Poitras made “Citizenfour”

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After helping break one of the biggest news stories of last year, Laura Poitras (pictured) pulls back the curtain on how she did it with Citizenfour, her insider look at whistleblower Edward Snowden. Here, she tells realscreen how she remained under the radar.

“I’m not the story here,” says Citizenfour – aka Edward Snowden – early on in his first, now-infamous June 2013 Hong Kong interview.

The whistleblower is trying to ensure that the focus will remain on his disclosures about America’s National Security Agency (NSA) and its controversial surveillance policies, rather than on himself, once the news breaks. But once Pandora’s Box has been opened, the world will demand a human face to accompany the story.

Seeing that moment unfold in Citizenfour, a high-profile documentary on the whistleblower which opened theatrically in the U.S. late in October, carries an added significance because his words echo the position of the person pointing

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Investigation Discovery to feature Missouri woman’s story of survival

Investigation Discovery’s Surviving Evil features true crime stories where the victim turns the table on their assailant in order to stay alive. The finale of the hit series will feature the story of Missouri woman Kim Case.

On their website, ID writes of Case’s story, “A group of violent and sadistic thugs overpower and abduct 19-year-old Kim Case from her driveway. And although they torture and rape her throughout the night, she ultimately proves to be a more formidable adversary than they ever imagined.”

Case is now a victim’s advocate who is passionate about restoring a sense of empowerment to those who have suffered at the hands of others. She shared some of her story with FOX 4 on Tuesday. To check local listings, visit the channel finder.


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Discovery Life’s First Original Series Follows Group of Transgender Friends (Exclusive)

Discovery Life Channel has greenlit its first original series, “Those Girls.”

The newly rebranded network’s upcoming docu-series will profile a group of transgender friends who live in Kansas City. It’s set to debut in March 2015 on the newly rebranded network.

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“Those Girls” offers an in-depth look at four pairs of transgender couples and friends, the show is being billed as the first TV series to ever profile a transgender community this closely. Those being featured included best friends Kassidy and Chloe, who are navigating the challenges of transitioning together; Tanya and Jaime, a couple who have moved back into Jaime’s parents’ house while handling child-related issues with Tanya’s ex-wife; Macy and Sharon, a married couple facing new hurdles since Macy’s recent transition; and Robyn and Andrew, best friends who became romantically involved after one of them transitioned.

“‘Those Girls’ embodies

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