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John Katehis, George Weber: Candice Delong Interviews Kinky Sex Craigslist Killer On Investigation Discovery’s …

The John Katehis, George Weber kinky sex Craigslist murder case will be the subject of the next episode of Facing Evil with Candice Delong on Investigation Discovery (ID). Facing Evil With Candice Delong is a weekly crime documentary that profiles a new killer every Friday.

This week’s episode teases, “Popular radio announcer George Weber is discovered stabbed in his bedroom. He met his killer, 16-year-old John Katehis, on Craigslist. Now Candice DeLong goes one-on-one.”

Beloved radio host George Weber made news headlines after his dead body was found in his Brooklyn, New York, apartment in March 2009. The former WABC radio announcer was discovered after his boss notified police that he hadn’t shown up to work in two days. A welfare check turned to a homicide case after police arrived at the Carroll Gardens Apartments, where they found the body of a white male lying dead in his bed with

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‘Southern Fried Homicide’ episode filmed in Frederick at C. Burr Artz Library to air

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Investigation Discovery is going to try and catch those escaped convicts from New York

Just in case you, like us, only pay attention to news that involves Star Wars and people commenting on things from Game Of Thrones, you might be surprised to find out that two convicted murderers escaped from a prison in New York over a week ago and still haven’t been caught. Now, assuming you have a weird obsession with the true crime shows on the Investigation Discovery network, like us, you might be wondering how any of this is possible. “They usually catch these guy within an hour,” you might be saying. “Why aren’t the expert crime-solvers from The Mind Of A Murderer, Most Evil, Fear Thy Neighbor, I (Almost) Got Away With It, Southern Fried Homicide, or Sex Sent Me To The ER on this case? They could’ve wrapped this thing up before the How It’s Made marathon starts on the

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‘Murder porn’ has its own channel, and we can’t get enough

If you know where to look, you can find a TV show about someone just like you being murdered — or murdering someone else.

Fantasizing about real-life murder, just like our other national pastimes, has its own channel.

Before the Investigation Discovery channel’s round-the-clock mystery thriller format was finalized in 2008, shows about real-life horrors were slightly harder to find. The History Channel or TLC might have a special on the Green River Killer. Bill Kurtis filled the AE schedule with “Cold Case Files.” Court TV was always good for a “Medical Detectives” marathon late at night.

And then there was “Snapped,” the Oxygen channel’s celebration of women on the verge of violence that has churned out 15 seasons of female revenge fantasies since 2004. Spending a Sunday afternoon watching “Snapped” doesn’t mean you’re going to kill your husband. But it seems to mean something, spending leisure time languishing in

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Investigation Discovery’s ‘Facing Evil’ series features Texas drag queen convicted of murder


Brandi West, left, and Cliff Youens with Patrice LeBlanc, right.

Anybody out there remember Brandi West? Back in the 1980s, she was a well-known and popular drag queen here in Texas. She lived, I think, in Houston, or near Houston.

Anyway, Brandi West’s real name was John Clifford “Cliff” Youens who in 1986, at the age of 32, shared a home with a young woman named Patrice LeBlanc from Louisiana. She was 20. Then in March of 1986, Partice’s body was found, wrapped in a comforter and chained to a pair of cinder blocks, in Lake Livingston in San Jacinto County, according to UPI reports at the time. She had been stabbed 39 times.

And Brandi/Cliff was on the run. Until June, when he was arrested in his mother’s home in Houston after running from Houston

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Candice DeLong Continues Shocking ID June Premieres Tonight on All-New FACING EVIL

Investigation Discovery is really heating things up for viewers this summer, with a whole slate of new programming. In fact, 10 new and returning series are scheduled during June alone. Headlining the upcoming adrenaline-fueled nights is a 12-episode docu-series, OVER MY DEAD BODY.

Actress Linda Hamilton joins as host, channeling her iconic character from the Terminator franchise, damsel-turned-warrior Sarah Connor, to present empowering, action-packed stories of women who were attacked and didn’t just fight back but turned the tables on their enemy and lived to tell the tale.

According to Investigation Discovery, OVER MY DEAD BODY, which premieres this Monday, June 15, with back-to-back episodes beginning at 10/9c, the women featured in this new action-packed show tell their stories through first-person interviews, supported by thrilling reenactments. The shows will reveal real-life survivors who were stalked and brutalized by an assailant yet somehow found the inner strength to take charge and come out

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Indiana woman convicted of killing 6 continues fight for freedom

Indiana’s longest-serving female prison inmate gets a mostly sympathetic look in a television profile that airs as her attorney works on

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‘Serial Thriller’ Is Investigation Discovery’s Awkward, Inept Yet Endearing First Foray Into Scripted Programming

Serial Thriller is a perfectly acceptable offering from Investigation Discovery, a network that barely exists. Owned by Discovery Communications, ID generally deals with true crime series that bear such sensationalized and utterly ridiculous titles as Wives With KnivesHappily Never After, and Fatal Vows (ID is particularly interested in marital murder, it seems). And until now, it’s stayed away from scripted fare. The network’s introduction to scripted programming, Serial Thriller is a three-night miniseries event based on an actual serial killer, but with fictional elements thrown in to keep viewers guessing.

Serial Thriller: Angel of Decay is entirely a product of its home. It is a visibly low-budget true crime thriller, with ’70s-era thrift store costume design, and some performances of very questionable quality. It does not have the budget, nor the audience interest, to compete with True Detective or even Aquarius (which takes on a similar task: setting the real-life killer Charles Manson in a fictionalized world). But it doesn’t seem like

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