‘Call 911!’ She fought a masked intruder in her daughter’s bedroom. Then he fired a gun.

The banging sounded as if furniture was being slammed in her daughter’s bedroom. Startled by the noise just before 2 a.m. on New Year’s Day, Suzanne Zaremba dashed down the hallway of her suburban Maryland home to 16-year-old Charlotte’s room.

She found her slender, brown-eyed daughter wrestling with a masked intruder. Charlotte, she recalled, was screaming, “Call 911!”

Suzanne, a 52-year-old registered nurse, shouted for her husband, Jim Zaremba. Then she vaulted onto the floor by the bedroom window, where Charlotte and the stranger were on their knees grappling with each other.

Recounting what happened that night for the first time publicly, Suzanne said she wrapped her arms around Charlotte, trying to yank her away from the intruder. All three of them tumbled into the middle of the room where Charlotte had slept all her life.

Then, without warning, the stranger pointed a gun at Suzanne’s chest, she said. She grabbed

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