TV show coming soon on Irish woman wrongly accused of murder

150 years ago there was no International Women’s Day. There wasn’t even a vote for women. So what chance for a poor illiterate, indigent Irish woman facing a murder trial before an all-male jury in New Jersey?

What chance then, what chance now?

The case of Bridget Deignan (sometimes written as Durgan) was once open and shut.

Author Sheila Duane opened it again.

Now it is about to be opened and shut a second time by a TV show.

With the same result as before.

Bridget would begin her short life in Sligo.

That life would be ended at the end of a hangman’s rope in New Brunswick, New Jersey, on August 30, 1867.

According to Sheila Duane, author of “Bridget’s Hanging,” Bridget was executed for a crime she did not commit, and by citizens who despised the Irish, the impoverished, and feared and distrusted Catholics.

That hanging is soon to be recreated on a TV show,

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