Husband-And-Wife Private Detectives Investigate The Murder Of Their Own Daughter

Jessie Whitehouse was shot in her home last fall, and IMPD hasn’t yet publicly identified a suspect.

July 2017Comments

No one loved a good murder mystery more than Jessie Whitehouse. It was in the blonde-haired, blue-eyed, 30-year-old paralegal’s blood. Raised by a lawman-turned–private eye, and the granddaughter of a legendary Indianapolis Police Department detective, Jessie was weaned on the gritty details of the city’s most notorious homicide investigations. Her stepfather, Virgil Vandagriff, was a Marion County sheriff’s deputy who worked on nearly every bold-faced crime case in Indy for the last four decades, many of them known by shorthand titles: The Speedway Bomber. The Burger Chef Murders.

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