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Dangerous Ground: My Friendship with a Serial Killer by M. William Phelps

True Crime

Published: July 25/17, Kensington Publishing Corporation

Aside from being a well know true crime writer, M. William Phelps has appeared on several Investigation Discovery TV series such as Deadly Women, Wicked Attraction and his on show that he hosted, Dark Minds. It is in this series that Phelps introduces us to his friend “Raven” – a serial killer he calls into the prison for advice and insight on some of the criminal minds that and discussed on the show. What we knew of Raven was vague – only that he was a serial killer. Dangerous Ground is all about Phelp’s relationship with “Raven,” how it came to be, and who he really is.

Not only does Phelp’s reveal “Raven’s” identity, but also what he had to go through for the following five years trying to get something meaningful or at

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