Police have no answers in cold case

More than 11 years after a Brownsboro woman disappeared in the middle of the night, investigators have no new leads in the case.

“But until she is found in one form or another, it will continue to be an open investigation,” said Sgt. Shane McCarter of the Longview Police Department. “Det. Terry Davis is working that case. We will continue to wait for anything additional that will show up.”

On Aug. 2, 2006, Brandi Wells, 23, left her mother’s house in Tyler and made the 45-minute trip Longview, where she spent a couple of hours at nightclub Graham Central Station. Surveillance video shows her arriving alone and, presumably, leaving the same way.

“Brandi called several people for directions to the club that night,” Wells’ godmother, Michelle Cole, said. “And a bouncer there was one of the people who reported seeing her car on the side of the road several times with the door

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