Brutal rape and murder of Kelli Bailey spotlighted On the Case With Paula Zahn

Paul Everett murdered Kelli Bailey

Paul Everett murdered Kelli Bailey

This week On the Case With Paula Zahn, Kelli Bailey came home from nightshift to disturb a burglar who raped and murdered her.

November 2001 and 31-year-old Kelli Bailey was late home from her nightshift at the hospital where she worked so her stepfather John Greathouse went to check on her. He found Kelli lying on floor by the door to her bedroom and soon realised she was dead, he’d raised her like his own child and was understandably devastated.

The police investigation turned up a number of potential clues and fairly quickly the detective track down 22-year-old Alabama man Paul Everett. He confessed to the police and explained that he’d been in the middle of burgling Kelli’s house when she interupted her. The pair then struggled and he proceed to rape her before beating her

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