Another TV special looks at Modesto’s most infamous murder case …

As it closes in on 15 years since Laci Peterson was reported missing, the disappearance and murder of the Modesto mother-to-be continues to inspire interest with yet another television special set to debut this week.

Investigation Discovery will debut “Scott Peterson: An American Murder Mystery” on Wednesday evening at 8. It’s at least the third television show to look at the case just this year.

Laci Peterson was eight months pregnant when her husband, Scott, said he returned home from a fishing trip to find her missing from their Covena Avenue home on Christmas Eve 2002. A massive search ensued, with authorities combing nearby East La Loma Park, where Laci Peterson was believed to have taken the couple’s dog for a walk. Family and friends set up a volunteer center at a local hotel, where fliers and maps would be distributed and searches planned.

In January, 2003, police introduced Amber Frey at a

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