Killer Who Murdered Young Alaskan Family in 1982 Has Never Been Caught

It’s been 35 years since the Coulthurst family and a group of young deckhands were killed on their fishing boat in the tiny Alaskan fishing village of Craig. Although it’s clear the victims were killed by gunfire, questions still surround the homicide — like who did it and why.

On Monday night’s episode of People Magazine Investigates on Investigation Discovery, Dave Freeman, who grew up with Jerome Keown and Dave Moon, — two of the massacre’s eight victims — said, “The shock of losing everyone really tore up our town. They all had their whole lives in front of them, and they were just blown away. It’s just such a shame and tragic for no reason.”

The slaying of skipper Mark Coulthurst and his pregnant wife, Irene, both 28, along with their children Kimberly, 5, and John, 4, and four deckhands — Chris Heyman, 18; and Keown, Moon and

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