‘Killing Fields’ Returns to Re-examine a Chilling Homicide in Virginia (Exclusive Trailer)

ET has your first look at the new installment of Discovery Channel’s true crime docuseries, , which travels to Virginia in Murder Isle.

After two seasons in Louisiana, as police tried to solve the cold case of a murdered college student, the series relocates to the Isle of Wight in Virginia.

The isolated farmland community is the setting of a 2004 chilling, cold-blooded homicide, when 28-year-old Carrie Singer was found beaten to death and half naked in a field.

With the residents haunted by the unsolved murder, the county sheriff’s office has decided to re-open the case with the hope to find some real answers. Under the command of Lieutenant Thomas Potter, the case’s original lead investigator Randy Patrick works with a team of skilled investigators as well as a young rookie who believes he can bring a fresh take to the case.

Once again, the series from and Oscar-winning director Barry Levinson

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