Who Killed the Fiancé of an Alaska Exotic Dancer Engaged to Three Men at the Same Time?

When Mechele Linehan was convicted in 2007 as a conspirator in the 1996 killing of a man who’d once thought he was going to marry her, it looked like the crime was solved.

An Anchorage jury determined Linehan, a former exotic dancer, had persuaded a former lover, John Carlin III, to kill Kent Leppink, 36, a fisherman who lived with her and told his family that the two were engaged. At the time, Linehan also was involved with a third man.

But a 2010 appeals court ruling overturned Linehan’s conviction, leaving the case wide open.

PEOPLE Staff Writer Caitlin Keating discussed the case on Friday morning’s People Now. The case is also the focus of the next episode of People Magazine Investigates. The episode, titled “Alaskan Temptress,” airs Monday on Investigation Discovery (9 p.m. ET).

“Mechele was beautiful, charismatic, and a real listening ear to every guy that walked into her exotic dancing venue,” Keating

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