‘Tent Girl’ documentary to air Tuesday – News

A cable-TV network plans to air a documentary on Scott County’s “Tent Girl” case at 9 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 23.

Investigation Discovery channel will focus on the 50-year-old case on its “Who Killed Jane Doe?” series.

Tent Girl was the moniker assigned to the then-unknown woman whose body was found by Wilber Riddle in May 1968 as he scavenged for glass insulators along Eagle Creek alongside U.S. 25 near Sadieville.

Instead, he found a tarpaulin-covered body with no identification.

The case was a local sensation.

Authorities tried for three years to identify the woman, who was killed by a blow to the head, before burying her in the Georgetown Cemetery under a donated headstone.

The headstone told what was known about her story: “Died about April 26-May 3, 1968; Height 5 feet 1 inch; Weight 110 to 115 lbs; reddish brown hair.”

She rested there until 1998, when, through the efforts of Tennessean Todd Matthews, Riddle’s

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