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Police have no answers in cold case

More than 11 years after a Brownsboro woman disappeared in the middle of the night, investigators have no new leads in the case.

“But until she is found in one form or another, it will continue to be an open investigation,” said Sgt. Shane McCarter of the Longview Police Department. “Det. Terry Davis is working that case. We will continue to wait for anything additional that will show up.”

On Aug. 2, 2006, Brandi Wells, 23, left her mother’s house in Tyler and made the 45-minute trip Longview, where she spent a couple of hours at nightclub Graham Central Station. Surveillance video shows her arriving alone and, presumably, leaving the same way.

“Brandi called several people for directions to the club that night,” Wells’ godmother, Michelle Cole, said. “And a bouncer there was one of the people who reported seeing her car on the side of the road several times with the door

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Body Floating In Alligator-Infested Canal Was Missing Florida …

Tina Hendricks and Mark Olvera’s murder story debuts on Swamp Murders tonight on Investigation Discovery. Swamp Murders documents cases of murder where the victims have been found in bodies of water. Florida detectives found Tina Hendricks’ body in a murky alligator-infested swamp. The woman disappeared after a night out. Her killer was Mark Olvera, who is now serving two life sentences for the assault and murder.


Swamp Murders “Lethal Attraction” episode teaser

A night out dancing turns tragic when a woman disappears and is later found floating in a canal swarming with alligators.



Swamp Murders’ crime documentary will revisit that day in 1989 when Tina Hendricks’ sister woke up to find she was missing. She knew Tina Hendricks had gone out the night before with friends and was anxious to hear about her night out after she returned.


The worried woman began making phone calls to friends, who say they hadn’t heard from

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‘Drew Peterson: An American Murder Mystery’ gives hope Stacy Ann Peterson’s disappearance will be solved, says …

Could a new documentary about a convicted murderer lead to evidence about an unsolved disappearance?

That’s what one grieving relative is hoping for.

Stacy Ann Peterson, a 23-year-old mother of four, vanished without a trace on October 28, 2007 from her suburban Illinois home. All eyes were on her seemingly upstanding husband, former police sergeant Drew Peterson, who insisted his fourth wife had left him for another man.

But Stacy’s unsolved disappearance convinced authorities to reopen the investigation surrounding the sudden death of Drew’s third wife, Kathleen Savio, for which a jury eventually found Drew guilty

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Family, friends celebrate missing girl’s 21st birthday

Lisa Sullivan, Katelin Akens’ mother, holds grandson Landon at a birthday gathering on Saturday, Sept. 2, 2017, for Katelin’s 21st birthday. Katelin Akens would have turned 21 today. She disappeared two years ago after her stepfather says he dropped her off at the Springfield Mall to later fly back to Arizona. She came home to Spotsylvania County to meet her newly born nephew and shortly later disappeared. in honor of her family and friends released balloons on her 21st birthday at River Road in Spotsylvania, Va. on Sept. 2, 2017.

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Wagoner County murder to be featured on TV show

A murder case that captured the attention of the community in May 2005 will be featured on the show “The Swamp Murders” series on the Investigation Discovery channel at 9 p.m. Central time Saturday, according to a media release from the Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office.

Investigation Discovery is channel 73 on Suddenlink and channel 285 on DirecTV.

Wagoner County sheriff’s deputies and the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation responded to the disappearance of 18-year-old Jarret Clark in May of 2005, the release says, and he was last known to be camping with others in the Wahoo Bay area of Fort Gibson Lake in Wagoner County. Three days later, Clark’s body was discovered in Wahoo Bay. 

Two grand juries were convened, and both failed to indict the parties responsible, the release says, and the case went cold.

In April of 2011, Wagoner County sheriff’s investigators reopened the case, and after more than two years of investigating,

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Investigation Discovery show to feature disappearances of two Collier men

In this 2013 video, Rev. Al Sharpton and civil rights leaders speak about Terrance Williams and Felipe Santos, two missing Collier County men.
Naples Daily News

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Investigation Discovery to feature disappearances of two Collier men

In this 2013 video, Rev. Al Sharpton and civil rights leaders speak about Terrance Williams and Felipe Santos, two missing Collier County men.
Naples Daily News

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