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Shane Young, Kenneth Horton: ‘Home Alone’–Greer, South Carolina Ex, Kayla Atkinson, Was Target In 2012 Bathroom …

Shane Young killed Kenneth Horton in a Greer, South Carolina home five years ago, but Young’s target was his ex-girlfriend, Kayla Atkinson. It is suspected that his story is the basis for tonight’s Home Alone on Investigation Discovery. In the episode, it appears one of the names was changed to Catherine. Court records and older news articles covering the Shane Young murder case used the real names. The standoff with police in South Carolina left five people injured and one dead. Shane Kelly Young is currently serving life in prison for the crimes, Home Alone will show.


4307 Skyland Greer, Greenville County, South Carolina: October 2012

Shane Young, 30, was obsessed and hurt over the break-up with girlfriend Kayla Atkinson. Shane was abusive and frightening. Once she ended the relationship, Shane Young, began stalking and harassing her. There were times when Kayla would see Shane around town. She was able to

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Lori Hayes, Dale Lash: ‘Unusual Suspects’ Premieres With Baby Left In Hot Car, Springfield Cornfield Murder Case

Lori Kotzbauer Hayes was murdered by Dale Lash almost twenty years ago in the cornfield of Springfield, Illinois. Unusual Suspects: Deadly Intent begins their 9th season premiere episode with her case. The Investigation Discovery crime show focuses on how detectives find the killer. Lori Hayes, 25, was abducted from a shopping center. Her infant was abandoned in the backseat of her car. First-person accounts will help tell the tragic story. Dale Lash is currently serving life in prison with no chance of parole.


Unusual Suspects: Deadly Intent episode “Field of Nightmares”

A young mother vanishes from a shopping center, leaving her crying baby in a hot car. As the mystery of her disappearance deepens, a killer’s trail leads police to the cornfield on the edge of town.


The Lori Hayes Murder Case

Lori Kotzbauer Hayes (Lori Hayes) was last seen on August 1, 1999. The missing mother was shopping at Shoe Carnival

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Brian Steckel, Sandra Long: On ‘Shattered’–New Castle Killer Used Nylon Stockings, Last Meal Cheesesteak

The Brian Steckel and Sandra Long murder case is on Shattered tonight on the ID channel. Under the episode title, “Driftwood Killer,” Shattered will chronicle the harrowing events of 1994 in New Castle, Delaware when Sandra Lee Long was found dead in a burning home. The TV crime documentary will tell Sandra Lee Long’s story from the point of view of the detective who suspected it was no accident, the sister who mourned for the former waitress, and a man who realized his brother was a killer.



On this week’s Shattered television series on Investigation Discovery, viewers learn about the case of Sandra Long, a data-entry clerk who was murdered in her New Castle home in September of 1994. The detectives working the case believed the fire was intentionally set. A medical examiner’s report confirmed Sandra Long was strangled with nylon stockings. However, it was the smoke that killed her.


What made

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Tina Hendricks, Mark Olvera: Body Floating In Alligator-Infested Canal Was Missing Florida Woman, ‘Swamp Murders …

Tina Hendricks and Mark Olvera’s murder story debuts on Swamp Murders tonight on Investigation Discovery. Swamp Murders documents cases of murder where the victims have been found in bodies of water. Florida detectives found Tina Hendricks’ body in a murky alligator-infested swamp. The woman disappeared after a night out. Her killer was Mark Olvera, who is now serving two life sentences for the assault and murder.


Swamp Murders “Lethal Attraction” episode teaser

A night out dancing turns tragic when a woman disappears and is later found floating in a canal swarming with alligators.



Swamp Murders’ crime documentary will revisit that day in 1989 when Tina Hendricks’ sister woke up to find she was missing. She knew Tina Hendricks had gone out the night before with friends and was anxious to hear about her night out after she returned.


The worried woman began making phone calls to friends, who say they hadn’t heard from

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Samuel Booth, James Wood: Church Pastor’s Double Life Led To Christmas Murder–On ID’s ‘Shattered’ Documentary

Pastor Samuel Booth, who was murdered by James Wood, is the featured story on ID’s Shattered documentary. Rev. Samuel Nathaniel Booth Jr., died in his trailer 23 years ago after James Wood stabbed him to death. Shattered on Investigation Discovery will retrace investigators’ steps, and will show how the Maryland preacher’s death affected his family and members of the community.


Shattered episode “False Prophet”

After a beloved minister is found dead, detectives unearth a dark secret that could have played a role in his death. Meanwhile, a worried mother wonders why her son didn’t show up for Christmas dinner.


Samuel Booth Case: The Preacher Had a Secret

The case of Minister Samuel Booth, 54, came to investigators’ attention in 1994 after they found his body in his trailer. Samuel Booth’s trailer was located in the back of the church where he ministered.


Fundamentalist Christian Faith Tabernacle church members became suspicious when Samuel Booth didn’t

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Tammera ‘Tammy’ Tatum, Rudy Gaytan: ‘Killer Instinct With Chris Hansen’ Interviews Baby Found Alive At Mom’s …

Tammy Tatum’s murder at the hands of Rudy Gaytan will air on Killer Instinct With Chris Hansen tonight on Investigation Discovery. Tammy Tatum, also known as Tammera Tatum, was found dead in her Longmont, Colorado apartment almost 25 years ago. What made the case memorable was Tammy’s one-year-old baby, Sadie, was in her crib at the time. Chris Hansen will interview Sadie, who is now 24 years old. The Killer Instinct With Chris Hansen episode chronicling the Tammy Tatum, Rudy Gaytan murder case is called “Deadly Compulsive,” according to People.


Killer Instinct With Chris Hansen episode “Deadly Compulsive”

A cold case murder is solved after DNA evidence seals one man’s fate while freeing another.



Mother Dead In Bed, Baby In Crib: Tammy Tatum–Jim Meadows Case

Tammy Tatum and Jim Meadows (Jim Medow) had been very much in love once, but now the couple was having marital problems due to Jim’s drinking and DUI arrests.

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Michael ‘Mike’ Berry: The Real ‘Dino’ Plus, Falicia Blakely Talks In New Book ‘A Treacherous Hustle’ By Sereniti Hall

Michael Berry is the name of the real “Dino” portrayed in TV One‘s true-crime movie When Love Kills: The Falicia Blakely Story. After seeing the film, many will want to know where he is now. Today, he is serving time at the Georgia State prison for possession charges. Falicia Blakely knew him as “Mike.” One very detailed account about the real “Dino,” and the true events that inspired the film, can be found in an old Creative Loafing article, which is available online. Michael “Dino” Berry was never prosecuted for the Atlanta murders. The movie about their lives airs next Monday, August 28, at 9 p.m., according to Rolling Out.


The murders of Raymond Goodwin, Claudell “Doc” Christmas, and Lemetrius Twitty occurred in 2002. Three years later, “Dino” (Mike Berry), was convicted on unrelated charges, while Falicia Blakely was sentenced to prison for life for the murders she said he ordered. Michael Berry’s stints

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Ashley O’Connor: Texas Vacationer Found Buried In Maryland Beach Hole, ‘Things Don’t Add Up’

Ashley O’Connor fell into a hole on the beach and died of suffocation, Ocean City Police say. The Texas woman was on vacation in Maryland with family members at the time of the incident. Ashley O’Connor was last seen by her family at around 2 a.m. Law enforcement authorities don’t believe Ashley O’Connor’s death was crime-related. Those who know Ashley O’Connor say the circumstances “don’t add up.”


Thirty-year-old Ashley O’Connor, who was newly married to another woman, had just attended the wedding of a friend before heading to the beach in Maryland. When Ashley O’Connor didn’t return to her place of lodging, her parents contacted police and reported her missing. She was found at daybreak by a beachgoer, who saw the victim’s arm sticking out of the sand, People reports.


It was an eerie scene. The last moments Ashley O’Connor endured before she expired had to be terrifying. Now, investigators

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Randy Scheffield, Doretta Scheffield: ‘The Perfect Murder’ Examines Ohio Cold Case On Investigation Discovery Tonight

Randy Scheffield was gunned down in his Ohio home in 2011. Tonight, on Investigation Discovery’s The Perfect Murder, his case will be examined. Randy Scheffield’s murder was unsolved for four years until his wife, Doretta Scheffield, his stepson, David ‘Tig’ Rowles, and his stepson’s girlfriend, Gina Battaglia, were arrested, according to the Geauga County Maple Leaf. Gina Battaglia was sentenced to two years in prison for her part in the crime. She has since been released. Doretta Scheffield was sentenced to 25 to life in prison. Charges against Doretta Scheffield’s son, David ‘Tig’ Rowles, were dropped.


The Perfect Murder episode ‘Death in the Family’ Teaser

When a local landscaper and businessman is found unconscious in his bed, police officers are told the man had a heart attack. It doesn’t take long for medics to discover the victim was shot in the back of the head. Now, police need to figure out

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