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Tina Hendricks, Mark Olvera: Body Floating In Alligator-Infested Canal Was Missing Florida Woman, ‘Swamp Murders …

Tina Hendricks and Mark Olvera’s murder story debuts on Swamp Murders tonight on Investigation Discovery. Swamp Murders documents cases of murder where the victims have been found in bodies of water. Florida detectives found Tina Hendricks’ body in a murky alligator-infested swamp. The woman disappeared after a night out. Her killer was Mark Olvera, who is now serving two life sentences for the assault and murder.


Swamp Murders “Lethal Attraction” episode teaser

A night out dancing turns tragic when a woman disappears and is later found floating in a canal swarming with alligators.



Swamp Murders’ crime documentary will revisit that day in 1989 when Tina Hendricks’ sister woke up to find she was missing. She knew Tina Hendricks had gone out the night before with friends and was anxious to hear about her night out after she returned.


The worried woman began making phone calls to friends, who say they hadn’t heard from

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Michael ‘Mike’ Berry: The Real ‘Dino’ Plus, Falicia Blakely Talks In New Book ‘A Treacherous Hustle’ By Sereniti Hall

Michael Berry is the name of the real “Dino” portrayed in TV One‘s true-crime movie When Love Kills: The Falicia Blakely Story. After seeing the film, many will want to know where he is now. Today, he is serving time at the Georgia State prison for possession charges. Falicia Blakely knew him as “Mike.” One very detailed account about the real “Dino,” and the true events that inspired the film, can be found in an old Creative Loafing article, which is available online. Michael “Dino” Berry was never prosecuted for the Atlanta murders. The movie about their lives airs next Monday, August 28, at 9 p.m., according to Rolling Out.


The murders of Raymond Goodwin, Claudell “Doc” Christmas, and Lemetrius Twitty occurred in 2002. Three years later, “Dino” (Mike Berry), was convicted on unrelated charges, while Falicia Blakely was sentenced to prison for life for the murders she said he ordered. Michael Berry’s stints

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Ashley O’Connor: Texas Vacationer Found Buried In Maryland Beach Hole, ‘Things Don’t Add Up’

Ashley O’Connor fell into a hole on the beach and died of suffocation, Ocean City Police say. The Texas woman was on vacation in Maryland with family members at the time of the incident. Ashley O’Connor was last seen by her family at around 2 a.m. Law enforcement authorities don’t believe Ashley O’Connor’s death was crime-related. Those who know Ashley O’Connor say the circumstances “don’t add up.”


Thirty-year-old Ashley O’Connor, who was newly married to another woman, had just attended the wedding of a friend before heading to the beach in Maryland. When Ashley O’Connor didn’t return to her place of lodging, her parents contacted police and reported her missing. She was found at daybreak by a beachgoer, who saw the victim’s arm sticking out of the sand, People reports.


It was an eerie scene. The last moments Ashley O’Connor endured before she expired had to be terrifying. Now, investigators

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Randy Scheffield, Doretta Scheffield: ‘The Perfect Murder’ Examines Ohio Cold Case On Investigation Discovery Tonight

Randy Scheffield was gunned down in his Ohio home in 2011. Tonight, on Investigation Discovery’s The Perfect Murder, his case will be examined. Randy Scheffield’s murder was unsolved for four years until his wife, Doretta Scheffield, his stepson, David ‘Tig’ Rowles, and his stepson’s girlfriend, Gina Battaglia, were arrested, according to the Geauga County Maple Leaf. Gina Battaglia was sentenced to two years in prison for her part in the crime. She has since been released. Doretta Scheffield was sentenced to 25 to life in prison. Charges against Doretta Scheffield’s son, David ‘Tig’ Rowles, were dropped.


The Perfect Murder episode ‘Death in the Family’ Teaser

When a local landscaper and businessman is found unconscious in his bed, police officers are told the man had a heart attack. It doesn’t take long for medics to discover the victim was shot in the back of the head. Now, police need to figure out

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County serves as true crime stand-in

Courtesy of Jupiter Entertainment

Cast members of “Homicide Hunter” film in Gatlinburg, using a burned home site as a stand in for one in Colorado Springs. The true crime show produced by Knoxville’s Jupiter Entertainment uses East Tennessee locations to stand in for Colorado Springs, Colorado. The Investigation Discovery network’s show, now in its seventh season, follows cases worked by retired Colorado Springs police lieutenant Joe Kenda. A recent script called for a burned-out cabin, and the owners of a Gatlinburg cabin destroyed in the November 2016 fires connected to the show’s producers through social media.

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Andrea White, David White: ‘Bad Blood’ Airs Pajamas Swamp Murder Of Missing Florida Mom On ID Channel

Andrea White’s murder at the hands of her husband, David White, plays out tonight on the TV documentary series Bad Blood on the ID channel. Court records show that thirty-three-year-old Andrea White’s body was found in a Florida swamp 12 years ago. The New Port Richey case went cold until police arrested David Andrew White. The Investigation Discovery television series examines cases of death and betrayal in families.


The case of Andrea White was first brought to police when the mother of four vanished from her Madison Street home in July of 2005. Shortly after the wife and mother disappeared, her husband, David White, also disappeared with the couple’s children.


A witness found the blonde-haired Andrea White in a Florida swamp on the edge of Trinity’s Wyndtree subdivision. She wasn’t wearing shoes, and she was dressed in her pajamas. Medical examiners were unable to determine an exact cause of death

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Katy, Texas Grandmother Shooting: Granny Shot At Red-Underwear-Wearing Intruder, The Other Dead


A grandmother from Katy, Texas, shot and killed at least one intruder at her house during a home invasion. CBS-19 is reporting that the woman, who is unnamed, shocked the intruders as they entered her garage through an open door. Police say the robber who got away was wearing dark clothing and red underwear. Allegedly, both intruders were armed.


The Katy, Texas shooting occurred at a home between 11:30 a.m. and noon in the Sundown Subdivision on Fort Bowie Court. The normally-quiet neighborhood with tree-lined streets and manicured lawns became a battle zone after the 60-year-old grandma used her gun to kill the man who had stolen her peace.


Texas Stand Your Ground Law allows

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Kenneth ‘Ken’ Manzanares: Death Cruise Full Of Mystery, Murder, And Laughter Aboard Alaskan Ship

Kenneth ‘Ken’ Manzanares took his wife, Kristy Manzanares, aboard the Emerald Princess cruise ship to celebrate their almost-20-year wedding anniversary. It turned out to be a family-cruise nightmare. Cruise ship passengers thought it was a murder mystery dinner event, but Kristy Manzanares was no actress. The Utah ‘princess’ wife was dead, and her husband, Kenneth Manzanares, was the killer.


TV Crime Sky brought you the story of the Emerald Princess cruise tragedy days ago after it was revealed that a Utah woman had died aboard the luxury ship.


That woman was identified as thirty-nine-year-old Kristy Manzanares, a real estate agent in Utah. The latest investigation reveals her husband, Kenneth Manzanares, killed her because she laughed at him. Law enforcement officials arrested the man.


Passengers aboard the lavish Alaskan cruise said they heard the piercing screams, and nothing about the screams seemed normal, a witness told investigators.

Some passengers believed the events were part of

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