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Program to feature Baytown murder

On Halloween 1985, a madman walked the streets of Baytown. 

Mary Stiles, an 11-year-old Horace Mann Junior School student, had gone out trick-or-treating dressed in Care Bear pajamas with her hair in pigtails. She was later found dead, her body hidden under some leaves and tree limbs behind an apartment complex on Northwood Drive. 

Tonight, the tale of her shocking murder is being featured on “On the Case with Paula Zahn” at 9 p.m. on the Investigation Discovery Network. 

Although it happened almost 32 years ago, the case still haunts those who remember it. Baytown Assistant Police Chief Roger Clifford was a patrol

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The Oxygen Channel Is Becoming A True-Crime, All The Time Network

Now, the last remaining sliver of Oxygen’s former programming schedule is “Snapped,” which has been wearing in its “re-cre” formula over 20 seasons, dramatically recreating murders. Some of the show’s successes may have something to do with its unexpected subject material: “Snapped” is all about women killers, or suspected killers, spinning from them salacious tales of adultery, greed, fear and revenge when statistics show that women are overwhelmingly victims of domestic violence, not its perpetrators. It’s been a longtime hit for the network, and it’s not going anywhere, at least as long as women continue harming their husbands, boyfriends, abusers that share one or neither of those labels, and, sometimes, children. 

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St. Louis-area 1977 murder explored on Investigation Discovery show – Belleville News

Velda Rumfelt, 16, was last seen walking down Main Street in Brentwood, Missouri, in 1977. The next day she was found dead in a field, having been raped and strangled.

Her death remained a mystery for 30 years, until DNA from two other 1970s murders in St. Clair County were able to link Gregory Bowman to the crime.

Now, “On the Case with Paula Zahn” is rehashing the events of Rumfelt’s death, talking to friends and family about what it was like to lose a child in such a horrible way. The episode aired July 2 but can be viewed online with a cable service provider subscription, or as a rerun on TV at 7 a.m. July 8 on Investigation Discovery — often abbreviated ID.

Bowman was charged with Velda’s death in 2007, after DNA he had offered to police in 2001 to clear himself of two St. Clair County

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Local Producer Partners With Investigation Discovery for New Show

Yorktown’s Scott Weinberger is giving us an inside look at the life of a prosecutor with True Conviction.

Yorktown Heights resident Scott Weinberger with his wife Kathryn and Paula Zahn at an event celebrating the 200th episode of On the Case with Paula Zahn.

Photo Courtesy of Weinberger Media

From crime dramas to detective comedies and shows depicting serial killers, there’s always at least one law-focused TV series in popular demand at any time. 

It makes you wonder how the sensational nature of a show like CSI, with it’s instantaneous test results, gun-wielding forensic scientists, and definitive conclusions, alters our perception of the way law enforcement operates.

If there’s one show looking to fix that perception, it’s True Conviction, Investigation Discovery’s upcoming series featuring the expertise of all-star Brooklyn prosecutor Anna-Sigga Nicolazzi, and produced by Yorktown Heights-resident Scott Weinberger. Recently retired with a celebrated 35-0 conviction record over

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(NEW YORK, N.Y.) – After 21 years as a prosecutor with the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office, where she held a 35-0 success record in the Homicide Bureau before leaving earlier this year, Anna-Sigga Nicolazzi will bring her expertise to America’s leading true crime network, Investigation Discovery (ID) in the all-new series TRUE CONVICTION (wt). The series will be presented through Nicolazzi’s own unique lens as a seasoned prosecutor as she travels the country to interview prosecuting attorneys about the most difficult homicide cases they ever faced in pursuit of a conviction. Currently in production with Weinberger Media (On the Case with Paula Zahn), the six-part series TRUE CONVICTION (wt) is slated to premiere, exclusively, on ID in 4Q 2017.

Each episode of TRUE CONVICTION (wt) follows Nicolazzi as she visits the scene of the crime, examines the case through the eyes of the prosecutor, and meets with key figures at the center

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Yorktown Heights TV Exec Starts Production On New True Crime Show

YORKTOWN HEIGHTS, N.Y. — Scott Weinberger believes in the truth, no matter how uncomfortable or jarring.

The CEO and founder of NYC-based

Weinberger Media

— his company is behind “On the Case with Paula Zahn” which recently wrapped its 14th season – has entered a relationship with Investigation Discovery to partner on a new series, “True Conviction” (working title).

The series will feature acclaimed Brooklyn prosecutor Anna-Sigga Nizolazzi, who recently retired from the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office with a celebrated 35-0 success record in the Homicide Bureau, traveling the country to showcase her colleagues discussing the most difficult homicide cases they ever faced, and giving viewers an inside look at the inner mechanics of these complicated cases.

Slated to premiere later this

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