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Six Degrees of Murder spotlights the case of Larissa Macriello

Six Degrees of Murder spotlights the case of Larissa Macriello

Larissa Macriello’s murder features on Six Degrees of Murder. Credit: Family photo

This week Six Degrees of Murder examines the murder of 44-year-old Larissa Macriello, who had a secret life that was probably a factor in her killing.

It was June 2013 when Macriello disappeared from her North Miami-Dade home andwas never seen again.

Her family became worried fairly quickly as Macriello had travelled all over the world and always stayed in close contact.

Police conducted a complicated investigation of her financial affairs, CCTV and tracked her cell phone calls. They found that she had a bit of a double life and had been working as an erotic massage therapist.

Cops soon tracked her last movements to the house of married man and ex-con John Paul Garcia. It transpired that she’d been having a long-term affair with him.

The investigation

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2000 Cedar Rapids homicide to be featured on cable crime show

Lee Hermiston

The Gazette

CEDAR RAPIDS — A 2000 Cedar Rapids homicide will be featured on a cable TV show Tuesday night.

“Fresh Start,” an episode of the Investigation Discovery channel series “Six Degrees of Murder,” will look at the Sept. 4, 2000, death of 20-year-old Christina Sanoubane. The episode is scheduled to air at 8 p.m. Iowa time.

Carloss D. Robinson, now 45, was found guilty of stabbing Sanoubane to death at her duplex apartment at 818 10th St. SW. According to a 2010 Gazette article, Sanoubane lived in the front unit of the duplex; Robinson and his family lived in the rear unit.


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Killer faked own death with victim’s body: Bizarre case on Six Degrees of Murder

Ari Squire headshot

Killer Ari Squire, who staged his own death with his victim’s body

A bizarre murder case where the killer staged his own death with his victim’s body — in a bid to claim millions in life insurance — features tonight on Investigation Discovery’s Six Degrees of Murder series.

Ari Squire, 39, killed 20-year-old Justin Newman after luring him to his home on the promise of a construction job.

He then swapped clothes and wallets with his victim, who resembled Squire, before pinning his body under a truck at his home in Lake Barrington, Illinois, and setting it on fire.

Squire bought blue contact lenses and brown hair dye to try and look more like Newman, before going on the run.

It’s thought Squire was trying to cash in on a $5million

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‘Cash Cab’ Revived at Discovery Channel (Exclusive)

Cash Cab is back on duty.

Discovery Channel is rebooting the game show, which previously ran for 10 seasons, from 2005 to 2012, and won three Emmy Awards. Comedian David Steinberg has come on board as an executive producer of the show, which hails from original producers Lion USA along with Norton Productions.

The series finds unwitting passengers entering the “Cash Cab” expecting a normal taxi journey, only to discover they’re instant contestants in a game that could earn them a cash prize.

Dodging New York City traffic, these passengers will take on classic trivia en route to their destination. If they get stumped, pedestrians and friends can help them out via phone, text or social media shout-outs. If the riders get three questions wrong, they’re out on the street.

The new episodes will feature a twist: Stars from the worlds of comedy, film and TV will get behind the wheel of

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Brook Baker: ID’s ‘Six Degrees Of Murder’ Airs Death Of Indiana Journalism College Coed

Brook Baker, the Indiana journalism student who was viciously stabbed to death in her bed almost 20 years ago, will be brought back into the national spotlight on the latest episode of Six Degrees of Murder on Investigation Discovery. The episode, titled “Crime Writer,” will follow the twists and turns of the police investigation into the death of a journalism college coed who was working on an exclusive story that may have put her life in jeopardy.

‘Six Degrees Of Murder’: Journalism Student Found Dead

According to the Bryan Times, Brook Baker’s tragic story made headlines in September 1997, when police discovered the 19-year-old’s dead body in her bed. Brook Baker was a college student at Vincennes University, where she studied journalism. Police said the victim was naked with multiple stab wounds to the body. Indiana court records give a vivid description of the crime scene and the

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Psychic sisters who assisted Sheddy case to be on TV






The case will be featured on a new Investigation Discovery show.
Vanessa Junkin

The psychic sisters who assisted in the murder case of Christine Sheddy will appear on Investigation Discovery show “Six Degrees of Murder.”

Included in the list of guests discussing Sheddy’s death are the Pennsylvania-based, self-proclaimed “Psychic Sisters” Suzanne and Jean Vincent. The sisters claimed to have assisted the police in the investigation by means of psychic intuition and premonition.

“When I do this, I volunteer, which means I don’t charge anyone, family or police, for my time,” Suzanne Vincent said.

Vincent stated that Sheddy’s mother, Lynn Dodenhoff, had reached out to her after several family members had heard about her assistance in the 2006

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Karen Pannell, Tim Permenter: ‘Six Degrees Of Murder’ Airs ‘Written In Blood’ Story Of Oldsmar, Florida, American …

Karen Pannell, the Oldsmar, Florida, American Airlines worker who was found dead in a pool of blood in her home more than a decade ago, will have her story aired on Investigation Discovery‘s Six Degrees of Murder. In the episode, ‘The Writing On The Wall,’ Oldsmar neighbors live in fear upon hearing about the brutal death of Karen Ann Pannell. But, when a name written in blood is found on the wall, police realize that this was no random killer but someone she knew.

American Airlines Employee Found Dead In Home, Message Written In Blood On Wall

According to the St. Petersburg Times, Karen Pannell was found dead in her home in October, 2003, by her friend, Tim Permenter, who told Pinellas County detectives that he had come to the home to check on her since Karen Pannell had recently been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and he was unable to

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