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SENSITIVE PRINCESS SKIN DIARIES: I Stopped Washing My Face And Started Using These Weird-o Products Instead

People, it’s been too long! I want to say that I’ve been busy. But of course, we’ve all been busy, and I’ve managed to watch every single episode of Investigation Discovery’s “Solved” on Netflix, and now know too many fun facts about forensics. (Which surprisingly make for great icebreakers at parties. I love meeting fellow morbids!)

Amidst all of these changes that have been happening in my life as of late — doing different kinds of work, meeting new people, and continuing to figure out my way around a city that’s NOT on a grid system and that makes me uncomfortably dependent on my GPS — I’ve also altered a step in my beauty routine that has been fairly consistent since I hit puberty: I stopped washing my face.

I mean, who has time for that ish, amirite?

I KID. I would never use all of those annoying phrases in

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