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3 years after son’s death, mother of SIUC student thanks special prosecutor after suspect indicted

CARBONDALE • In an open letter to her Facebook friends and followers, the mother of a 19-year-old found dead in a patch of Carbondale woods in 2014 thanked the investigating agency and prosecutors who filed murder charges against the man believed to have been the last to see her son alive.

The post was written by Lovely Varughese, the mother of Pravin Varughese, a Southern Illinois University criminal justice student who was found dead Feb. 18, 2014, in a wooded area near Buffalo Wild Wings, some days after he was reported missing on Feb. 13.

On Thursday, a Jackson County grand jury returned an indictment for two counts of felony murder, first degree, against Gaege Bethune of Eldorado, Ill.. The 22-year-old Bethune, believed to be one of the last people to see Varughese, said, in one account, that the two fought and that Varughese got out of his car

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3 years after her son’s death, Lovely Varughese thanks special prosecutors after suspect indicted on murder charges

Lovely Varughese, mother of Pravin Varughese speaks Friday, Feb. 13, during a news conference on the death anniversary of of her son at the V.F.W. in Murphysboro. 

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Missing toddler’s father says he would never hurt his son after …

IDAHO FALLS — The father of missing Idaho Falls toddler DeOrr Kunz Jr. says he would never hurt or do anything to his child, despite what his ex-girlfriend says in a newly released video.

Vernal DeOrr Kunz spoke with EastIdahoNews.com on Monday after learning Jessica Mitchell, his ex-girlfriend, made claims about him in a nearly eight-minute long Investigation Discovery video.

“I believe DeOrr’s father could have hurt him,” Mitchell says in the video. “He’s living his life like it’s nothing and I’m falling apart every day.”

Mitchell and Kunz were camping with Mitchell’s grandfather, Robert Walton, and Isaac Reinwand, a friend of Walton’s, at Timber Creek Campground in Lemhi County in July 2015 when DeOrr vanished.

After numerous searches of the campground and surrounding areas, no clues of DeOrr’s whereabouts have ever been found.

In January 2016, former Lemhi County Sheriff Lynn Bowerman named Kunz and

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Arrest Made In Decade long Cold Case After Podcast Renews National Attention

“Up and Vanished” certainly isn’t the first podcast of its kind. When people think “true crime” and “audio,” naturally minds jump to runaway hit “Serial,” which followed the disputed conviction of Adnan Syed. The public’s hunger for true crime, meted out in weekly installments, was evident, and soon other shows followed: “Accused,” “Someone Knows Something,” “In the Dark.” Many focused on long-cold cases.

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Exclusive: Mom addresses questions after possible Macin Smith sightings in California

On Monday, Bratt-Smith wrote about a live Q and A Sunday night on Facebook held to discuss Macin’s case. Her post covers some of the topics people are asking the most questions about. Some of the subjects she covers are below:

When exactly Macin left, and where he grew up:  
Macin did have hours of a head start when he left on Sept 1. 2015. It would have been from 7:40 a.m. (we assumed he was at school), and Darrin contacted me between 3:30 and 4 p.m. I believe. We could not have predicted he was missing, truly missing, until later that evening.

Macin lived in Canada from ninth-11th grades in Okotoks, Alberta. Prior to that he was raised in Saratoga Springs, Utah. He started kindergarten and attended school through eighth grade in the Saratoga Springs area which is right by Lehi, for those of you unfamiliar with where that is located in Utah County.

Are there searches

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Jeffrey MacDonald argues for release decades after Fort Bragg murders

Jeffrey MacDonald, 70, was transferred in 2003 to the Federal Correctional Institution in Cumberland, Md., where he focuses on ‘the next achievable goal.’

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‘xXx: Return Of Xander Cage’ After-Credits Scene: Is There A Scene Hidden At The Very End Of The Vin Diesel Action …

Does xXx: Return of Xander Cage have an after-credits scene that will keep moviegoers in their seats for an extra surprise at the end?

For those who may not be familiar with the trend, the after-credits scene is a short scene inserted at the very end of the movie, after all the credits have ended. It’s something of a reward for viewers willing to sit through the five to 10 minutes of credits, and the scene usually offers a bit of closure on an unresolved plot line or sometimes offers a preview of an upcoming installment of a film series.

These scenes are common in action movies — and almost a standard in superhero films — so viewers who see xXx: Return of Xander Cage will likely want to know if there’s an after-credits scene to make it worth their wait.

[WARNING: Potential xXx: Return of Xander Cage spoilers ahead.]

So, if there a

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Catherine Pappas: Egyptian Beauty Murdered In Bronx Home After Cup Of Tea With Handsome Gentleman On ‘A …

Some say Catherine Pappas’ murder happened after they had a cup of coffee. But on tonight’s A Crime to Remember, the dramatization of her murder in the 1940s Bronx area suggests that the killer attacked her after they had a cup of tea. Whichever it was, it is insignificant compared to the brutal attack Catherine Pappas sustained in her home, a place where she thought she’d always be safe.

On Investigation Discovery’s A Crime to Remember, in the episode “The Gentleman Killer,” when a beautiful wife is found strangled to death in her New York City home, detectives are on the hunt for a mysterious gentleman caller who targets and attacks women after

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Behind a Teenage Girl’s Odd Behavior After Her Mom’s Disappearance in Alaska

The 2004 disappearance and death of mom Lauri Waterman rattled the small town of Craig, Alaska. But even before the truth of what happened was revealed, people were noting the behavior of her 16-year-old daughter, Rachelle.

“By Monday morning, most of Craig, Alaska, knew that Lauri was missing. They were sort of surprised to see Rachelle show up at school that day,”explains PEOPLE Executive Editor Cynthia Sanz in Monday night’s episode of People Magazine Investigates, on Investigation Discovery. The episode will focus on Lauri’s murder.

“Rachelle’s emotions the day after are all over the map,” a case expert says on Monday’s episode. “At times she’s crying, at times she’s angry, at times she’s inappropriately giggling and silly.

“She’s just thinking all kinds of crazy thoughts.”

As PEOPLE Senior Editor

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