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ID lands Arrow’s true crime again

US network Investigation Discovery (ID) has recommissioned two true crime series from UK indie prodco Arrow Media.

Tom Brisley

See No Evil will return to ID for its fourth season in January 2018. The 16×60’ series is coproduced with Canada’s Saloon Media and has also been recommissioned by Canadian French-language broadcaster Canal D.

The show, distributed globally by Entertainment One, unravels murder mysteries by piecing together real CCTV footage.

American Monster will return later in 2018 for its 12×60’ third season. The series uses home-movie footage to reveal the double lives led by some of America’s murderers before they were caught.

Tom Brisley, co-founder and joint creative director of Arrow Media, said: “Over the past few years, we’ve built a really strong working relationship with Investigation Discovery. It’s been great to once again work with them to continue making exciting and captivating true crime content.”

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They Are Wrong Again, This Time About Shiva

The author, who asked the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh to study the Tamil Saivite texts, should have done it herself. Had she done it, she would have found that in the Sangam literature itself (300 BCE to 300 CE) Shiva appears as a great god with all the characteristics with which he is venerated today.

If one is to make a compilation of all the attributes of Shiva as presented in Sangam literature, then this is the picture we get: he sits under the banyan tree imparting Vedic wisdom; from his mouth emanates the four Vedas; he has three eyes and a blue throat; he lives in the Himalayas with his consort Uma and tamed Ravana when the demon tried lifting the Himalayas; he is an archer with fiery arrows who destroyed the three demonic worlds with the Himalayas as the bow and the cosmic serpent as his bow string;

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Dauphin County coroner speaks for the dead, again

Dauphin County Coroner Graham Hetrick investigates the 2007 murder of Darlene Ewalt for a new Investigation Discovery TV series “The Coroner: I Speak for the Dead.” The case also includes the 2007 slashing of York County woman Patricia Brooks.
Courtesy of Investigation Discovery

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A con is a con: Donald Trump is Bernie Madoff all over again

This piece originally appeared on TomDispatch.

Imagine for a moment that it’s January 2009. Bernie Madoff, America’s poster-child fraudster, has yet to be caught. The 2007-2008 financial crisis never happened. The markets didn’t tank to reveal the emptiness beneath his schemes. We still don’t know what’s lurking in his tax returns because he’s never released them, but we know that he’s a billionaire, at least on paper. We also know, of course, that he just won the presidency by featuring the slogan — on hats, t-shirts, everywhere — “Make America Rich Again!” On a frosty morning in late January, before his colleagues, his country, God, and the world, Madoff takes the oath of office. He swears on a Bible to uphold the constitution.

The next day, everything comes crashing down. The banks. The markets. His fortune.

Madoff is a businessman, not a politician. He’s run and won as an anti-establishment maverick. Now,

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