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Andrew Keenan-Bolger Tapped for Title Role in KRIS KRINGLE THE MUSICAL at The Town Hall

Andrew Keenan-Bolger Tapped for Title Role in KRIS KRINGLE THE MUSICAL at The Town Hall

KRIS KRINGLE The Musical has found its Kris Kringle and Mrs. Claus! …Broadway’s Andrew Keenan-Bolger (Tuck Everlasting, Newsies) and Kim Crosby (Into the Woods, Guys Dolls) will play Kris Kringle and Mrs. Claus, respectively, in the original holiday musical, featuring previously announced Tony Award nominees Cathy Rigby (Peter Pan, Seussical) and Pamela Myers (Company, Into the Woods).

KRISKRINGLE The Musical plays two performances, Friday, November 24 at 3PM and 8PM, at The Town Hall (123 W. 43rd Street, NYC). Tickets, which range from $35 – $110, are now available at The Town Hall Box Office (noon-6pm, Mon-Fri) and via Ticketmaster.com, 800-982-2787.

KRIS KRINGLE The Musical, narrated by Cathy Rigby, weaves a new and entirely original tale that will delight audiences of all ages. Based on one of the most familiar

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Andrew Luster: ‘Guilty Rich’ Tells ‘Date With Darkness’ True Story On Investigation Discovery Show

Andrew Luster’s story premieres on Guilty Rich tonight on Investigation Discovery. Andrew Luster is the wealthy heir to Max Factor cosmetics. Guilty Rich plunges into the world of the rich. Steeped in scandal, betrayal, obsession, and a sense of entitlement, Investigation Discovery’s Guilty Rich exposes what goes on behind the gates of America’s richest people. The TV show also takes a look at how their desire for wealth can lead to devastating consequences.



Guilty Rich episode “While You Were Sleeping” Teaser

Born into riches, Andrew Luster enjoys many life luxuries. However, his secret world will be revealed, leading police on an international manhunt.



Andrew Luster Case File

First up on Guilty Rich is the story of Andrew Luster, whose story hit newsstands in the 2000s after he was implicated in a slew of assaults against women. What made the story even more interesting was the connection he had to Max Factor cosmetics since he

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Yelena Zakin, Andrew Pakhomov: ID’s ‘Betrayed’ — Missing Wife Found Dead in Tennessee River Killed By Physics …

Yelena Zakin, an Alabama woman, was murdered and found floating in the Tennessee River 10 years ago. She was killed by her husband, UAH professor Dr. Andrew Pakhomov. Her life and death will be covered on Investigation Discovery’s true crime documentary Betrayed under the episode, titled “Blinded By Betrayal.” In the Betrayed episode, police are on the hunt for a woman who disappeared from her home. But when a search leads to the woman’s dead body underneath a boat dock ramp in the local river, the spotlight shines on her husband.

May 2006 UAH Contract Employee Missing

42-year-old Yelena Zakin disappeared from her Millsford Drive home in May, 2006. Her husband, Dr. Andrew Pakhomov, filed the missing person report.

According to Wired, two Decatur fishermen found the missing woman’s body along Alabama Highway 20 under a boat dock ramp in the Tennessee River. Yelena Zakin’s purse was found a short

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Janean Brown, Andrew ‘Andy’ Gustafson: Investigation Discovery Airs Whitehouse, Ohio Cold Case Murder On …

Janean Brown’s murder story is headed to Investigation Discovery on Sunday for the documentary crime show Unusual Suspects. Janean Brown, also spelled Jenean Brown, vanished in Whitehouse, Ohio, and was later found dead in a shallow grave in the early 1980s. Her case went unsolved for years until evidence linked Andrew Gustafson to the killing, according to Cleveland-19 News. The Unusual Suspects episode is entitled “Drive With Danger,” and will feature interviews with people who knew the victim, as well as law enforcement officials.

Janean Brown’s case was in the news in 1983 after she went missing shortly after leaving her apartment around 3:15 a.m. A friend, Pam Purney, said earlier that night Janean Brown was at a nearby bar when she saw her boyfriend, 25-year-old Harol Estep, kiss another woman. Janean Brown left the bar angry and returned to her apartment. After she was

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