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Review: ‘The Bridges of Madison County’ at Kensington Arts Theatre


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Cece Dove, Andrey Bridges: ‘Swamp Murders’—Missing Transgender Fatal Attraction Story Airs, Did Ohio Man Think …

Cece Dove, a transgender female murdered by Andrey Bridges in Ohio, will have her fatal attraction story featured on Swamp Murders on ID. CeCe Dove, who also went by the name Cemia Dove but named Carl Acoff Jr., at birth, died in an Olmsted Township apartment after going to meet with a man who allegedly believed Cece Dove was a real or biologically-born female. Swamp Murders focuses on missing person cases whose victims are later found dead in bodies of water. In the case of Cece ‘Cemia’ Dove, her body was found in 2013 in a pond or small lake.


Swamp Murders episode “Double Crossed” on Investigation Discovery

When the body of a 20-year-old male is found in a pond, police later connect the murder to a missing person case in Cleveland. After launching an investigation into the man’s secret life, they discover he lived his life as a woman. Did the

Read more at: https://tvcrimesky.com/2017/10/21/cece-dove-andrey-bridges-swamp-murders-missing-transgender-fatal-attraction-story-airs-did-ohio-man-think-cemia-was-a-real-woman/858