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Discovery Premieres All-New Series STREET JUSTICE: THE BRONX, 9/19

Discovery Premieres All-New Series STREET JUSTICE: THE BRONX, 9/19

Ralph Friedman is the most decorated detective in NYPD history, with over 2,000 arrests to his name. This fall, the legendary NYPD detective will take viewers inside the white-knuckle cases he investigated while working the streets of the Bronx. Discovery Channel and Investigation Discovery present the all-new series STREET JUSTICE: THE BRONX premiering Tuesday, September 19 at 9PM ET/PT on Discovery Channel.

Ralph Friedman began his police career in the 41st during the turbulent 1970’s. Friedman was promoted to detective after five years on the job and his extraordinary career has been commemorated with 219 awards, including the departments second-highest honor: The Police Combat Cross. He found his true calling with the NYPD and developed an impressive reputation among both the department and criminals he locked up.

New York City’s infamous 41st precinct, dubbed “Ft. Apache”

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Catherine Pappas: Egyptian Beauty Murdered In Bronx Home After Cup Of Tea With Handsome Gentleman On ‘A …

Some say Catherine Pappas’ murder happened after they had a cup of coffee. But on tonight’s A Crime to Remember, the dramatization of her murder in the 1940s Bronx area suggests that the killer attacked her after they had a cup of tea. Whichever it was, it is insignificant compared to the brutal attack Catherine Pappas sustained in her home, a place where she thought she’d always be safe.

On Investigation Discovery’s A Crime to Remember, in the episode “The Gentleman Killer,” when a beautiful wife is found strangled to death in her New York City home, detectives are on the hunt for a mysterious gentleman caller who targets and attacks women after

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