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Amazon Prime Video: Ab sofort ist der Discovery Channel für die …

Abonnenten von Amazon Prime Video können ab sofort den Discovery Channel über den Zusatzdienst Amazon Channels live und on-Demand hinzu buchen. Dies gilt für alle Prime-Mitglieder in Deutschland und Österreich und kostet 3,99 € monatlich. Wie gehabt wird es dafür weiterhin keine Paketbindung oder einen anderen langfristigen Vertrag geben und der Channel bleibt monatlich kündbar. Benutzen lässt sich der Channel ohne Umwege über sämtliche Prime Video-unterstützten Geräte wie dem Fire TV, Android- und iOS-Geräte, etc.

Im Discovery Channel findet ihr hauptsächlich Dokumentationen und sogenannte „Factual Entertainment-Serien“, die sich auf Themen wie Abenteuer, Wissenschaft Technik und der „Vielfalt unserer Erde“ beziehen. Zusätzlich soll Animal Planet das Angebot durch mehrere hundert Stunden Dokus und Serien rund um die Tierwelt ergänzen.

Zum Start des Channels wird den Zuschauern ab dem 31. Oktober außerdem die Deutschlandpremiere der

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Neuer Partner: Amazon bekommt auch den Discovery Channel

Discovery wird künftig einen weiteren Pay-Sender über Amazon anbieten. Ab kommenden Montag ist der Discovery Channel für Prime-Mitglieder in Deutschland und Österreich für 3,99 € monatlich buchbar und zwar ohne Paketbindung, ohne langfristigen Vertrag und jederzeit einfach kündbar. Nach eigenen Angaben bietet der Channel Kunden hochwertige Dokumentationen und Factual Entertainment-Serien mit anspruchsvollem Programm.

Zum Start des neuen Angebots bei Amazon können sich die Zuschauer ab dem 31. Oktober auf die Deutschlandpremiere von «Per Anhalter durch Südamerika»  freuen. Zudem kommen im November die Dokumentation «Rancher, Farmer, Fisherman», eine neue Staffel «Morgan Freeman: Mysterien des Weltalls» , «Der gefährlichste Job Alaskas», die Crime-Dokumentation «Killing Fields – Mörderjagd in Louisiana», «Clandestino – Undercover in der Unterwelt» und viele weitere Dokumentationen.

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Discovery Channel remembers fallen Teller County deputy

On November 1, 2017, at 8:00pm MST Season 7 Episode 9 of “Homicide Hunter” (also known as Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda), an American crime documentary television series on the Investigation Discovery network, will air.  This episode will present the case of Brent Andrew Holloway, a Teller County Deputy who was killed in the line of duty on Monday, October 16, 1995.  

Deputy Brent Holloway was shot and killed by an arson suspect who had earlier stated he was going to kill a police officer. The suspect had set fire to a large home in Teller County with the intention of getting revenge for previously being sent to prison.

As Deputy Holloway guarded the home while awaiting the arson investigators the suspect snuck up from behind and shot him in the back of the head. The suspect stole Deputy Holloway’s service

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American Heroes Channel Premieres UNABOMBER: 20 YEARS OF TERROR, 9/24

American Heroes Channel Premieres UNABOMBER: 20 YEARS OF TERROR, 9/24

For 18 years, Theodore John Kaczynski mailed and planted handmade explosive devices, traumatizing the American people, claiming the lives of three innocent victims and injuring nearly two dozen more. Dubbed the “Unabomber,” Kaczynski eluded authorities in one of the longest-running domestic terror investigations in FBI history. Now, AMERICAN HEROES CHANNEL (AHC) examines the infamous game of cat-and-mouse between law enforcement and Kaczynski in the all-new special, UNABOMBER: 20 YEARS OF TERROR premiering Sunday, September 24 at 10/9c on AHC.

Throughout the hour-long special, UNABOMBER examines the investigation from top to bottom, carefully dissecting Kaczynski’s clever and calculated actions – from his virtually-untraceable devices to his radical anti-technology manifesto to his staggering need for recognition that led to his eventual downfall.

Featuring interviews with multiple of attack victims as well as members of the law enforcement team that doggedly

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American Heroes Channel Recalls The Tragic Events Of April 1995 In “Oklahoma City Bombing: As We Watched”

On April 19, 1995, the deadliest domestic terror attack on U.S. soil occurred at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. The bombing, carried out by Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols, left 168 people dead and more than six hundred injured. Now, American Heroes Channel (AHC) and ABC News’ Lincoln Square Productions have joined forces to revisit the tragic events in OKLAHOMA CITY BOMBING: AS WE WATCHED. The one-hour special, premiering Sunday, August 13 at 10/9c, transports viewers back to that spring day with compelling news footage of the days and weeks following the attack.

At 9 a.m. on April 19, 1995, McVeigh and Nichols parked a Ryder truck containing a 4,800-pound bomb near the freight entrance of the building and detonated the bomb. Damage from the explosion spread blocks away from the building, and could be heard from miles away. AS WE WATCHED uses archival footage from ABC

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– Premieres Wednesday, August 9 at 10/9c –

After their great defeat in World War I, Germany was a nation in pain and ruin – until Adolph Hitler emerged, promising a future of innovation and excellence for his people. Cloaked behind an image of hope, Hitler engineered history’s most evil regime, meticulously designing a campaign with emotional appeal to achieve his deadly intents. Now, American Heroes Channel (AHC) explores just how Hitler manufactured his radical plans in PROJECT NAZI: THE BLUEPRINTS OF EVIL. Premiering Wednesday, August 9 at 10/9c, the six-part series delves into the construction of Nazi Germany, closely examining the propaganda, posters and products used to propel Hitler into

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Porter Murder Case Featured On Investigation Discovery Channel

The Investigation Discovery channel will feature a murder case from the Ozarks Sunday night at 9:00 p.m.

The Taney County prosecutor says “On the Case with Paula Zahn” will be about Rusty and Becky Porter who were kidnapped from their home in Willard in 2011, shot in the head and left in a remote area in Cedarcreek, Missouri.

Five people, including Rusty’s uncle Robert Campbell, were convicted. 

Prosecutors proved Campbell hired the other four – Tony and Windy Friend, Dusty Hicks and Phillip Friend – to murder the couple.

Campbell was upset the Porters were living on family property.

The Greene County Sheriff’s Office, the Missouri State Highway Patrol, and the Taney County Sheriff’s Office all helped investigate the murders.

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Discovery Channel now filming ‘Crime’ in St. George

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Discovery Channel is bringing it back to 1950 — and using Staten Island to do it. 

The Ambassador Apartment Building in St. George serves as backdrop to the upcoming fifth season of the the network’s docu-series, “A Crime to Remember.” Cast and crew began filming at 5 a.m. Tuesday outside the building, which dates back to 1932. 

Crew blocked off the right-hand side of Fort Hill Circle, and the area in front of the building on Daniel Low Terrace, to make way for three vintage cars — one of them being a old-fashioned police car.

The area around and rooms inside Ambassador Apartments — including an alleyway behind the building and Fort Hill Circle — were used to film reenactments of historic crime on Tuesday. Sources couldn’t say if any local actors would be featured on the show but producers are attracted to the “old look” of the St. George area. 

The crew is set to

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The Oxygen Channel Is Becoming A True-Crime, All The Time Network

Now, the last remaining sliver of Oxygen’s former programming schedule is “Snapped,” which has been wearing in its “re-cre” formula over 20 seasons, dramatically recreating murders. Some of the show’s successes may have something to do with its unexpected subject material: “Snapped” is all about women killers, or suspected killers, spinning from them salacious tales of adultery, greed, fear and revenge when statistics show that women are overwhelmingly victims of domestic violence, not its perpetrators. It’s been a longtime hit for the network, and it’s not going anywhere, at least as long as women continue harming their husbands, boyfriends, abusers that share one or neither of those labels, and, sometimes, children. 

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AROUND THE TOWN: Franks’ disappearance featured on ID Channel

A former Cumberland Countian who attended Cumberland County High School is the subject of a new Investigation Discovery Channel show. Eric Franks’ story is featured on season eight of “Disappeared.” The premiere of episode nine, which is devoted entirely to Franks, premiered over the Memorial Day weekend.

Franks, with whom I attended church in the ’80s when his late father, Jim, was the minister, has been missing since March 2011 from Saginaw, MI. His mother, Jo Ann Adams Franks, is now living in Archbold, OH. She and her daughter, Beth, Eric’s sister, have been tirelessly searching for Eric since he went missing in Michigan six years ago. Jo Ann appears throughout the segment.

Eric Franks had journeyed to Michigan in late 2010 after learning from a former girlfriend he had a 15-year-old daughter. He stayed in the Miller Motel for more than five months. He checked out on March

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