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Shooting murder of popular cheerleader examined on Murder Chose Me

Rod Demery, who investigates the shooting death of a popular cheerleader on Murder Chose Me

Tonight’s episode of Murder Chose Me on Investigation Discovery documents the death of a popular cheerleader killed “in a hail of gunfire,” according to the TV channel.

In the episode, called Deadliest Sin, ex-homicide detective Rod Demery (learn more about him here) combs through heaps of witness testimony and eventually narrows down his search to a prime suspect.

“But he soon learns that the triggerman was driven to violence by a wolf in sheep’s clothing,” according to a brief synopsis of the show from ID.

Murder Chose Me captures Demery revealing how the murder of his mother was ever-present in his mind as he solved each of the investigations for which he served as lead detective.

ID has called the show an “intimate first-person storytelling meets the gritty southern backdrop in Shreveport”

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‘Bernadette Protti, Kirsten Costas: Cheerleader Murder On ID’s ‘1980s The Deadliest Decade,’ Plus The Obsession With …

The case of Bernadette Protti, the teen who murdered her classmate cheerleader Kirsten Costas in 1985, will be the next crime story to air on Investigation Discovery’s The 1980s: The Deadliest Decade. Authorities say after Kirsten Costas was stabbed multiple times and left for dead on a neighbor’s porch, they spent the next six months trying to find her killer. Eventually, they swooped in on Bernadette Protti, a jealous classmate who wanted to be friends with the popular cheerleader. On tonight’s show, you’ll hear from Nancy Kane, the former teen who was wrongly accused by residents of Orinda, California, as being the killer. Detectives who solved the case will also make an appearance on the show. The 1980s: The Deadliest Decade: “The Cheerleader Murder” episode on ID When a popular cheerleader is stabbed to death, local authorities begin the hunt for a chunky blonde-haired girl who was seen in the

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