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‘Lady Killers’: Chicago Author Explores Lives of Female Serial Murderers

Lady Killers: Deadly Women Throughout History takes a look at 14 women who didn’t stop at one murder, or two, or three … Fourteen serial killers throughout history.

Chicago’s own Tori Telfer looks at their origins and motivation, their rationale. Perhaps even more important, she looks at how they were seen. How does society view women who are cold-blooded killers? Differently than men. Let’s start there. We caught up with Telfer with just a few questions in anticipation for her book launch at Women and Children First, Tuesday, Oct. 10 at 7 p.m.

JB: “I believe we have to laugh and shudder in order to understand our own human history, which is partially an inheritance of death. Recoiling from crime

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Review: ‘Chicago’ at ArtsCentric at Motor House

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Review: ‘Chicago’ at ArtsCentric at Motor House – DCMetroTheaterArts

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Cynthia Ann ‘Candy’ Curran, dead at 71, never forgot her Chicago roots – Chicago Sun

Cynthia Ann “Candy” Curran rescued dogs in need of homes, whipped up delicious strawberry crepes, moved in with sick relatives and friends to tend to them and served as chaperone for her children’s model United Nations and academic decathlon teams.

The longtime Chicago-area resident and retired respiratory therapist, who recently died at 71, also had a slightly twisted sense of humor.

True-crime TV helped take her mind to other places during the years she fought breast cancer. She loved the network “Investigation Discovery,” with its series “Fear Thy Neighbor” and “Evil Stepmothers” and episodes like “Sunday School Teacher Convicted of Murdering Husband by Spiking His Sports Drink.”

As her family put it in her death notice, “She oft reminded her husband Gerard of all the ways she had learned to bring about his early demise, from watching crime shows.”

Candy Curran with Gerard, her husband of

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Latasha Pulliam, Dwight Jordan: 6-Year-Old Chicago Girl Shenosha Richard’s Rape Case To Air On TV One’s ‘For My …

Latasha Pulliam, the female African-American killer who was previously on Illinois’ death row for the rape and murder of 6-year-old Shenosha Richard, is the next case to air on the hit crime television documentary series For My Man. On Monday night’s show, which airs just after Fatal Attraction, a South Side, Chicago, mother makes a grisly discovery when she finds her missing daughter in a garbage can at a semi-abandoned building. It’s a case that leads horrified detectives on the chase to find a sadistic killer who knew the victim.

Warning: Graphic details of Richard’s death ahead

The Most Brutal Case

Latasha Pulliam was called the female John Wayne Gacy — a woman who got sexual pleasure from killing. The murder of little Shenosha Richard is probably the most sickening and most gruesome case that anyone reading this will come across. It’s a case of utter betrayal and a murder so nauseating

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