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TV show featuring Iberville Parish detectives has fans clamoring for more

Something unexpected happened when Iberville Parish Sheriff Brett Stassi opened his agency’s doors to a Hollywood camera crew looking to film a true-crime reality show about investigations into unsolved murders.

Within two short seasons of “Killing Fields,” which aired on the Discovery Channel, Stassi saw the investigators of his Criminal Division who starred in the series become so popular and beloved that viewers have named children and pets after them.

And the camaraderie of the detectives that the show highlighted attracted a couple of fans in the law enforcement business to travel from other states to beg Stassi for a job.

“One drove from South Dakota just to meet us,” Stassi says, with a laugh. “He said he liked the way I run my department from what he watched on the show and he wanted a job. And he went back, packed up his family and now works here.”

The sheriff says it’s no

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