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Dumb criminals keep getting caught thanks to pizza

When AJ Soprano and his pals vandalized the pool at his prep school on “The Sopranos,” it wasn’t a snitch that brought them down — it was pizza.

Specifically a pizza with double meatballs, pepperoni, sausage, peppers, onions and extra “moozadell.” After cops confront the pizza man with the evidence and ask who had purchased the pie, he reluctantly drops a dime on AJ. The teen faces expulsion — and the wrath of his mob-boss father.

But this saucy scenario isn’t limited to fiction. In the last two years, pies have helped crack nearly a half-dozen high-profile crimes.

Pizza deliveries tipped cops off to international fugitives and preserved DNA evidence that blew open a gruesome D.C.-area quadruple homicide. Most recently in Illinois, a mugging of a pizzaman led investigators to criminals who had just murdered a man in Georgia.

Call it a slice of justice.

“Pizza hunger trumps better judgement,” says Candice DeLong, a former

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