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Olympic gold-medalist Sheila Taormina’s stalker hell on Obsession: Dark Desires

James Conyers, who served five years for stalking Taormina

James Conyers, who served five years for stalking Taormina. Pic: Michigan Dept. of Corrections

This week’s episode of Obsession: Dark Desires on Investigation Discovery tells the story of Olympic gold-medalist Sheila Taormina and her ordeal at the hands of stalker James Conyers.

Conyers spent five years in prison for stalking the athlete, who competed at four Olympics from 1996 to 2008 and was the first woman to qualify for the games in three different sports — swimming, triathlon and modern pentathlon.

In 2002 she was contacted by apparant wannabe triathlete Conyers who said he wanted lessons so he could improve at the sport.

But things quickly descended into a horrific ordeal for Taormina as he began inundating her with late-night phone calls, packages and terrifying messages.

A warrant was issued for Conyers’ arrest six months later and the case

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Latasha Edwards, Dammon Haynes: ‘Obsession Dark Desires’ Stalking Survivor Talks

On tonight’s Obsession: Dark Desires Investigation Discovery viewers will learn about the case of Latasha Edwards, a woman who was viciously stalked by her ex-boyfriend, Dammon Haynes. Law enforcement officials say Haynes threatened his ex-girlfriend even after she had contacted police several times to have him arrested. On tonight’s Obsession: Dark Desires show, which is titled “High School Reunion,” Latasha Edwards believes that she has met the man of her dreams until his jealous ways and violent behavior make her realize that she never really knew him at all.

Obsession: Dark Desires On Investigation Discovery

Latasha Edwards was a single mom raising her child. Every day she woke up, went to work, and did

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Bob Krueger, Tom Humphrey: ‘Obsession Dark Desires’—Dangerous Pilot Stalked Former Texas Congressman …

Bob Krueger, the former Texas senator and congressman who was stalked by pilot Tom Humphrey in the 1980’s, will tell his story on ID’s Obsession: Dark Desires. Each week since it premiered, Obsession: Dark Desires brings you stories of people who have become the unhealthy desire of stalkers and people obsessed. This week’s episode entitled, “Campaign Trail Of Fears,” will tell the story of how a Texas politician and his wife became the victims of a deranged private pilot who had more than flying on his mind. Bob and Kathleen Krueger have told their story in several magazines and documentaries.

When Bob Krueger and his wife, Kathleen hired pilot Tom Humphrey, he seemed like the perfect guy for the job.

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