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‘Lady Killers’: Chicago Author Explores Lives of Female Serial Murderers

Lady Killers: Deadly Women Throughout History takes a look at 14 women who didn’t stop at one murder, or two, or three … Fourteen serial killers throughout history.

Chicago’s own Tori Telfer looks at their origins and motivation, their rationale. Perhaps even more important, she looks at how they were seen. How does society view women who are cold-blooded killers? Differently than men. Let’s start there. We caught up with Telfer with just a few questions in anticipation for her book launch at Women and Children First, Tuesday, Oct. 10 at 7 p.m.

JB: “I believe we have to laugh and shudder in order to understand our own human history, which is partially an inheritance of death. Recoiling from crime

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Rive Gauche Explores Crime, Travel & Strange Addictions

Jon Kramer, the CEO of Rive Gauche Television, talks to TV Real about how his company’s non-scripted offering breaks through the noise in the factual space.

Arriving on the scene more than two decades ago, Rive Gauche Television has amassed a portfolio of 2,200-plus hours of non-scripted programming ranging from documentaries and reality series to true-crime titles, travel shows and more. Some of its heavy-hitters include Homicide Hunter and Cesar Millan’s Dog Whisperer. “Rive Gauche likes to push the envelope,” says the company’s CEO, Jon Kramer.

One series that catches viewers’—and broadcasters’—attention worldwide by doing just that is My Strange Addiction. The show documents the stories of individuals battling obsessive behaviors that threaten to take over their lives such as eating toilet paper or chalk, picking their scabs or bleaching their skin. The program even follows someone who is addicted to sleeping ***Image***with a blow dryer.

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KILLING RICHARD GLOSSIP Documentary explores new evidence in possible


Investigation Discovery’s four-part Killing Richard Glossip documentary takes a comprehensive look at the case of an Oklahoma man sentenced to death for a murder that police know he didn’t commit, and that Glossip has argued for years he had nothing to do with. The miniseries was produced by acclaimed filmmaker Joe Berlinger, best-known for his documentary Paradise Lost, which was responsible for helping free the West Memphis Three in 2011. Berlinger’s latest effort will feel familiar to fans of Serial (and, to a lesser extent, Making A Murderer) in that it presents evidence not brought to light during Richard Glossip’s original trial twenty years ago, using it to question whether justice would be best served by granting Glossip a new trial or an outright overturning of his sentence.

The basic facts

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— Special Three-Night Television Event, Presented in Partnership with AMI, Weinstein Television and Jupiter Entertainment, Debuts Worldwide Sunday, April 9 at 10/9c on ID–

(Silver Spring, Md.) – On July 15, 2008, Orlando police dispatchers receive a bizarre and stunning 9-1-1 call. The caller, Cindy Anthony, is frantic – her granddaughter has been missing for more than one month. Desperate to locate two-year-old Caylee Marie Anthony, police begin an intense investigation… but authorities cannot overlook a key player in the case, Caylee’s own 22-year-old mother, Casey. Now, leading true crime network Investigation Discovery (ID), in partnership with Weinstein Television, Jupiter Entertainment and American Media, Inc. (AMI) takes viewers deep inside the

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Documentary explores why Karen Matthews plotted kidnap of daughter Shannon

What early clues were there to suggest that Shannon Matthews’ disappearance was an elaborate hoax staged by her mother Karen?

That’s what the documentary ‘Faking It: Tears of a Crime’ aims to show tonight on the Investigation Discovery channel.

The programme employs forensic and behavioural experts to spot early signs intimating that all was not as it seemed when the nine-year-old disappeared.

Shannon, from Dewsbury Moor, was reported missing on February 19, 2008.

Karen made numerous emotional TV appeals which led to a £50,000 reward for her safe return.

But the charade, intended to generate money from the publicity, fell apart when Karen confessed to a police officer.

Karen Matthews

Karen Matthews

She was discovered less than a month later at a flat in Batley Carr, which was occupied by Michael Donovan, the uncle of Craig

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Lauri Waterman’s Murder: People Magazine Investigates Explores …

The 2004 disappearance and death of mom Lauri Waterman rattled the small town of Craig, Alaska. But even before the truth of what happened was revealed, people were noting the behavior of her 16-year-old daughter, Rachelle.

“By [that] Monday morning, most of Craig, Alaska, knew that Lauri was missing. They were sort of surprised to see Rachelle show up at school that day,”explains PEOPLE Executive Editor Cynthia Sanz in Monday night’s episode of People Magazine Investigates, on Investigation Discovery. The episode will focus on Lauri’s murder.

“Rachelle’s emotions the day after are all over the map,” a case expert says on Monday’s episode. “At times she’s crying, at times she’s angry, at times she’s inappropriately giggling and silly.

“She’s just thinking all kinds of crazy thoughts.”

As PEOPLE Senior Editor Alicia Dennis explained during a Friday appearance on

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ID explores the dark side in Married with Secrets

The series dramatises the surprising stories of seemingly perfect marriages that turned out to be nightmares, when husbands and wives embark on secret lives that take them down devastating paths—from secret sadomasochistic sex games to hit men for hire. A new eight-part series, it premieres on Tuesday 25 October on Investigation Discovery.

In the premiere episode, Eliette Dominique’s husband is in a hit-and-run accident. At the hospital, she encounters the other Mrs Dominique – a woman she must deal with when his death takes the trauma well past a love-triangle and into a deadly fight for inheritance money.

Other episodes include Cold Blue Blood, which profiles Wellesley, Mass’ Dirk Greineder and wife Mabel, who epitomise upper-class wealth and the American dream. With a successful medical career, a faithful wife and three Ivy League children, Greineder is one of the most respected men in town. But things get a little dicey

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