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‘Lady Killers’: Chicago Author Explores Lives of Female Serial Murderers

Lady Killers: Deadly Women Throughout History takes a look at 14 women who didn’t stop at one murder, or two, or three … Fourteen serial killers throughout history.

Chicago’s own Tori Telfer looks at their origins and motivation, their rationale. Perhaps even more important, she looks at how they were seen. How does society view women who are cold-blooded killers? Differently than men. Let’s start there. We caught up with Telfer with just a few questions in anticipation for her book launch at Women and Children First, Tuesday, Oct. 10 at 7 p.m.

JB: “I believe we have to laugh and shudder in order to understand our own human history, which is partially an inheritance of death. Recoiling from crime

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True crime isn’t as true in its depiction of female victims

Her body was discovered in a vacant lot, remote wooded area, dumpster or car trunk. She was nude or partially clothed. There were signs of sexual assault.

As any armchair detective or avid Investigation Discovery channel viewer can tell you, such grim scenarios are standard fare for true crime television, fodder for an endless stream of whodunits now flooding the market.

Yet, despite the reality that nearly 80% of the nation’s homicide victims are men, according to recent FBI stats, on crime TV it’s predominantly women who end up on the wrong side of a gun, knife or blunt instrument.

The demise of single moms, teenage daughters and beloved grandmothers drive the majority of shows on the 24/7 crime ID channel. Likewise, high-profile killings of females provided the groundwork for ESPN’s “OJ: Made in America” and a slew of JonBenet Ramsey specials.

“I don’t think viewers have ever experienced such an exciting explosion focused

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