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TV show to air story of IF women murdered, found near satanic message written in blood


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IDAHO FALLS — A national television network is revisiting a murder case that gripped east Idaho in 1989 when the bodies of two women were found in an Idaho Falls home.

ON THE CASE WITH PAULA ZAHN will be sharing the story of Reeda Roundy and Betty Gray on Investigation Discovery this coming Sunday.

In this episode, Zahn follows the tragic double homicide of Reeda Roundy and Betty Gray who were found in Roundy’s home. Next to the bodies was written a satanic message written in blood that said “Satan Loves You.” It appeared to have been part of a carefully planned ritual.

Detectives were puzzled, as neither murder had any signs of being ritualistic

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Heidi Allen: No Body Found Store Clerk Murder, Gary Thibodeau Near Death, On ‘Deadline Crime With Tamron Hall …

Heidi Allen’s disappearance and murder by convicted killer Gary Thibodeau debuts on a new episode of Deadline Crime with Tamron Hall. Heidi Allen was just 18-years-old when she suddenly vanished during her shift at a local store in New Haven, New York, almost 25 years ago. Her body has never been found. The episode showing Heidi Allen’s murder case is “The Vanishing Clerk.”


Deadline Crime with Tamron Hall episode “The Vanishing Clerk”

When an 18-year-old store clerk vanishes, Oswego County investigators point the finger at two brothers. But did they do it?



The Heidi Allen Case: Who Killed Her?

Even after almost 25 years, people still want to know if Gary Thibodeau was really the one who kidnapped and killed Heidi Allen. Many believe someone else took her from the convenience store that Easter morning. That’s what Investigation Discovery’s Deadline Crime with Tamron Hall will investigate.

Bodies of 45 Hindus including children found in mass graves in Myanmar

  • Bodies of 45 Hindus including children found in mass graves in Myanmar
  • Army say they were slaughtered by Rohingya Muslims and 48 are still missing 
  • Military has driven 480,000 Rohingya across the border to Bangladesh
  • The UN has accused the army of ethnic clensing, which armed forces deny 


Chris Pleasance for MailOnline

Myanmar’s killing fields: 45 Hindu bodies are found in mass graves as authorities accuse Rohingya Muslims of …

  • Bodies of 45 Hindus including children found in mass graves in Myanmar
  • Army say they were slaughtered by Rohingya Muslims and 48 are still missing 
  • Military has driven 480,000 Rohingya across the border to Bangladesh
  • The UN has accused the army of ethnic clensing, which armed forces deny 


Chris Pleasance for MailOnline

Demi Helenius: Missing Oregon Woman’s Car Found After Landmark Worldwide Seminar Disappearance

Demi Helenius, also known as Demi Helenius-Culley, is an Oregon woman who vanished without a trace over the weekend. Now, police say her car has been found. The Washington County Sheriff’s office stated they need help finding the 23-year-old missing woman. Demi Helenius disappeared on the night of Saturday, August 5, after attending a Landmark Worldwide self-help conference at the Embassy Suites hotel in Portland, Oregon. Update: Demi Helenius was found safe in Roseburg.


According to police, Demi Helenius-Culley was last seen at the Landmark Worldwide conference, which ended at about 10 p.m. Landmark Worldwide Forum attendees say Demi went to lunch at 6:00 p.m. and never returned for the last half of the conference. Worried family members say Demi Helenius also failed to return home. All calls to her phone have gone unanswered. Losing communication with her family is unusual for Demi Helenius. She normally talks to someone by

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Ashley O’Connor: Texas Vacationer Found Buried In Maryland Beach Hole, ‘Things Don’t Add Up’

Ashley O’Connor fell into a hole on the beach and died of suffocation, Ocean City Police say. The Texas woman was on vacation in Maryland with family members at the time of the incident. Ashley O’Connor was last seen by her family at around 2 a.m. Law enforcement authorities don’t believe Ashley O’Connor’s death was crime-related. Those who know Ashley O’Connor say the circumstances “don’t add up.”


Thirty-year-old Ashley O’Connor, who was newly married to another woman, had just attended the wedding of a friend before heading to the beach in Maryland. When Ashley O’Connor didn’t return to her place of lodging, her parents contacted police and reported her missing. She was found at daybreak by a beachgoer, who saw the victim’s arm sticking out of the sand, People reports.


It was an eerie scene. The last moments Ashley O’Connor endured before she expired had to be terrifying. Now, investigators

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Mexican Cartel Extermination Field Found near UNESCO Site

GOMEZ FARIAS, Tamaulipas — Human rights activists searching for cartel victims found an extermination field used by Los Zetas to bury and incinerate at least 500 near a UNESCO-protected ecological biosphere.

The extermination field was found in the southeastern part of Tamaulipas in the rural community of Alfredo Bonfil. The area is close to El Cielo Biosphere, a protected ecological site known as Mexico’s northernmost tropical forest and cloud forest region. Breitbart Texas was able to confirm through Mexican court documents that Los Zetas members confessed to operating multiple incineration sites throughout the border state.

Tamaulipas is one region that has two former governors who are wanted by the U.S. Department of Justice on money laundering charges in connection with cartel bribes. Prosecutors believe that Tomas Yarrington and Eugenio Hernandez received bribes in exchange for protecting criminal organizations. Yarrington is

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Mom of missing St. George teen: Remains found do not match Macin’s profile

Macin Smith, seen left when he was a child and on right, as a teen. Photos Courtesy: Facebook

ST. GEORGE, Utah, July 7, 2017 (Gephardt Daily) — The human remains found last month 40 miles south of St. George do not match the profile of missing teen Macin Smith, his mother says.

“The remains are dated and do not match Macin’s profile,” Tracey Bratt-Smith told Gephardt Daily exclusively on Friday.

The remains in Arizona were found by a county road employee on June 1 near mile post 22 on County Road 101, also known as Mud Mountain Road. The Mohave County Sheriff’s Office, in a news release, described the remains as “a lower half of a human jaw and some long bones.”

Bratt-Smith said the Mohave County Medical Examiner’s Office has not yet positively identified the bones, as they are not thought to come from a

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Angie Dodge And Lori Billingsley Missing Teens Found Dead Slated For Investigation Discovery

Angie Dodge and Lori Billingsley will be the subject of Who Killed Angie Dodge? and Motives and Murders: Cracking The Case on Investigation Discovery. Angie Dodge and Lori Billingsley were two teens who disappeared and were later found dead. For the documentary Who Killed Angie Dodge?, Keith Morrison will interview Angie Dodge’s mother, who now believes that the man convicted of killing her daughter two decades ago is innocent. Inquisitr introduced you to the story when it aired a month ago on CBS 48 Hours. On Investigation Discovery’s Motives and Murders: Cracking the case, the murder of Lori Gale Billingsley, who vanished more than 30 years ago, will be dramatized. The episode title for Lori’s case is called “A Sister’s Promise.” Lori Billingsley’s sister and Detective Murray of the Washington County Sheriff’s Department will be interviewed by producers.

Who Killed Angie Dodge?

On Who Killed Angie Dodge? with Keith Morrison,

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