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Shoptalk: Future of Newspapers is Still in Print

I’ve got news for the newspaper industry.

Your future is in print and not in the killing fields of digital media where the Duopoly is choking off the blood supply.

I learned this the hard way, giving birth to boston.com and then resuscitating nytimes.com during the crash of 2001-2002. I promulgated the “digital first” mantra, a fatuous promise if there ever was one, as if an eponymous change could cure our ills.

Almost 25 years into this “experiment,” I get feint nausea as publishers and editors take precious resources out of their newsrooms, even though most newspapers still get two-thirds of their revenue from print. Consider the recent missive from the Wall Street Journal that senior editors must re-apply for new jobs in its latest reorg.

“Reorg”—now that’s a word which has crept into our lexicon without much

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Humans: Colin Morgan Talks About the Show’s Future & Doctor Who Rumors

Humans TV show on AMC: (canceled or renewed?)

What’s in store for Humans? Recently, star Colin Morgan spoke with TVInsider about the future of the AMC series.

The sci-fi drama takes place in a parallel present, where the latest must-have gadget for any busy family is a Synthetic—a human-looking robotic servant. The cast includes Gemma Chan, Katherine Parkinson, Tom Goodman-Hill, and William Hurt.

Humans is currently in its second season on AMC. In the interview, Morgan said there’s room for more seasons of the sci-fi show:

There’s definitely more to tell. As you see Season 2 progress, I feel like your hunger is going to grow for more, I think, as an audience member. It takes you in a completely different direction. I think it is very unpredictable. It is very surprising and I think people will enjoy being challenged in that way. Season 2

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Remembering Klonda Richey, preventing future attacks

The Investigation Discovery documentary Fear Thy Neighbor recently shed light on the events leading up to the tragic death of Klonda Richey, a Dayton woman who lost her life in her own front yard during a vicious and preventable attack by her neighbors’ dog.

Leading up to her death, Richey made several attempts to report her neighbors’ dogs to local authorities out of fear for her own safety as well as concern for the animals’ welfare. Despite her efforts, the owners were not indicted by a grand jury and were only charged with a misdemeanor for failure to control the dogs.

As Ohioans spend more time outdoors during warmer weather, we are again reminded of the need for common sense reforms that would ensure that Klonda Richey’s tragic death was not in vain. Our system failed her and more needs to be done to prevent future attacks. Ohio’s laws must hold

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