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New season of hit show Killing Fields could solve grisly murder featured in true crime book

Jan. 12, 2018 / PRZen / SEATTLE — Discovery Channel’s “Killing Fields” is a hit true-crime series that explores sprawling places across America hiding stories of gruesome murders. This season’s focus is on the murder of Carrie Singer, a 28-year-old who was found half naked and brutally bludgeoned to death in Isle of Wight, Virginia.

Residents of the tight-knit community where Carrie’s remains were discovered are still haunted by the unsolved murder. But investigator Randy Patrick’s efforts to capture Carrie’s killer reignites hope the case will finally be solved.

Carrie’s mother, Patty Lord, shared her daughter’s story in Grief Diaries: Project Cold Case, published in November 2016 by AlyBlue Media. The book is the 18th in the popular Grief Diaries series created by Lynda Cheldelin Fell, an award-winning author and grief educator who partnered with Ryan Backmann of the national nonprofit organization Project Cold Case, to

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The Grisly Obsession Gwyneth Paltrow, Kim Kardashian, and More Celebrities Share

Gigi Hadid’s original motive for moving to New York was slightly darker than to become the pre-eminent model of the moment: she arrived ready to pursue a degree in criminal psychology at the New School. Luckily for the many brands she now represents, Hadid put her studies on hiatus, and her stint analyzing the minds of criminals is now merely an anecdote that ripples through profiles and interviews several years later, buoyed by her love for chatting about crime shows. See Live with Kelly and Michael or this AdWeek cover story from 2015 or a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Secrets Revealed clip. “[O]ne day I hope I can use my studies to be on Law Order: S.V.U.,” Hadid told Harper’s Bazaar just this September.

Hadid isn’t the only star who readily admits to a gripping interest in crime and the shows that

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Why Are Women Obsessed With Investigation Discovery’s Grisly TV Shows?

Jodie Gaines was 18 years old and on her way to a fish fry when she saw the blue lights of a cop car flash in her rearview. As detailed in an episode of House of Horrors: Kidnapped—one of a grip of ominously titled programs on the channel Investigation Discovery, the 24-7, true crime network—she was an outgoing high school senior from the tiny, Western Tennessee town of McKenzie, and was looking forward to a weekend home from the prep school she attended a few hours away. “I knew I wasn’t speeding,” she recalls in the program, “but I pulled over without hesitation.” It was a decision that would almost cost her her life: those “cops” were actually three men who kidnapped her for ransom, holding her for three days chained

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