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Tina Hendricks, Mark Olvera: Body Floating In Alligator-Infested Canal Was Missing Florida Woman, ‘Swamp Murders …

Tina Hendricks and Mark Olvera’s murder story debuts on Swamp Murders tonight on Investigation Discovery. Swamp Murders documents cases of murder where the victims have been found in bodies of water. Florida detectives found Tina Hendricks’ body in a murky alligator-infested swamp. The woman disappeared after a night out. Her killer was Mark Olvera, who is now serving two life sentences for the assault and murder.


Swamp Murders “Lethal Attraction” episode teaser

A night out dancing turns tragic when a woman disappears and is later found floating in a canal swarming with alligators.



Swamp Murders’ crime documentary will revisit that day in 1989 when Tina Hendricks’ sister woke up to find she was missing. She knew Tina Hendricks had gone out the night before with friends and was anxious to hear about her night out after she returned.


The worried woman began making phone calls to friends, who say they hadn’t heard from

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Raped, murdered and dumped in Florida canal: Tina Hendricks death features on Swamp Murders

An actor playing Tina Hendricks' sister on Swamp Murders

An actor plays Tina’s sister after realizing she hasn’t come home on Swamp Murders

Investigation Discovery’s docuseries Swamp Murders tonight looks at the chilling case of 18-year-old Tina Hendricks, who was raped and murdered before her corpse was dumped in a Florida canal.

The episode includes interviews with those close to the case including family members who talk through the tragic events of the night she disappeared, with actors recreating the horrific events.

Tina was last seen alive leaving the Post Time II lounge in Leesburg, Florida, with a man after a night out.

Her sister immediately knew something was wrong when she woke up the following morning and found Tina nowhere to be seen.

Her corpse was found in Leesburg’s Herlong Park by a fisherman on June 29, 1989.

Detectives honed in on the bar to try and figure

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