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‘The Coroner: I Speak For the Dead’ Season 2 Premiere: Coroner Graham Hetrick Shares Compelling Cases

“The Coroner: I Speak For the Dead” takes homicide cases and doesn’t put us inside a courtroom or a police station. The show, which premieres for a second season on Investigation Discovery, looks at the how and why of a person’s death from a medical perspective.

That would come from the coroner, and in the case of this series, it’s Graham Hetrick. He shares the most compelling homicide cases in his 26 years as the Coroner of Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. It is his decision after examination that becomes the cause of death on certificates.

The story of how and why someone died is a long one. During “The Coroner: I Speak For the Dead” Hetrick demonstrates the complex investigation process. It was his job and that of his team, to perform the forensic analysis, to uncover the secrets that every body holds. It is how he speaks for the dead, which can

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Graham Hetrick’s series, ‘The Coroner,’ will run for another season


Dauphin County coroner Graham Hetrick will have the opportunity to “speak for the dead” on national television for at least another season. 

Investigation Discovery announced Monday that production is underway for a second season, which will premiere in summer 2017. The series, “The Coroner: I Speak for the Dead,” first aired in July 2016. 

Watch a trailer for the first season of “The Coroner”

Hetrick, who grew up living over the funeral home his father ran, has said, “To me, death was a normal part of life. I didn’t realize it was an oddity until later on

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Dauphin County coroner Graham Hetrick ‘Speaks for the Dead’ in new television series

As a child, Graham Hetrick would talk to his father as he embalmed the dead.

The Middle Paxton Twp. man didn’t think it was unusual then. Death was a normal part of life when he lived above his father’s funeral home. It’s what led him to become Dauphin County’s coroner for the last 25 years.

Hetrick will talk about some of his investigations as part of Investigation Discovery‘s upcoming eight-part forensic series “The Coroner: I Speak for the Dead,” which premieres 10 p.m. Monday, July 18. Each episode will reconstruct one of Hetrick’s investigations, from serial killings to crimes of passion, according to a news release. All of the cases that will be featured on the series have already been adjudicated.

That doesn’t mean they’ll all be Dauphin County cases, though, as Hetrick also “investigates many cases outside of (the) county.”

“Folks are flown in to two of the large medical facilities that we

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