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People Magazine Investigates: What Happened to 2-Year-Old DeOrr Kunz, Who Vanished in Idaho Woods?

The campout in a remote patch of the Idaho mountains promised a fun time for 2-year-old DeOrr Kunz, who went on vacation with his parents, grandfather and his grandfather’s friend.

With the assurance that “Grandpa Bob” Walton would keep an eye on him, DeOrr’s mom, Jessica Mitchell, and father, who is also named DeOrr Kunz but also goes by Vernal, walked off from the campsite to go fishing on July 10, 2015 — but when the boy’s dad returned, the son they lovingly called “Little Man” was nowhere to be found.

More than two years later, the enduring mystery of what happened to the still-lost little boy is the focus of tonight’s episode of People Magazine Investigates, which airs at 10 p.m. ET on Investigation Discovery.

After DeOrr’s parents called 911, law enforcement believed the boy had wandered into the woods surrounding the Timber

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‘Thin Air’ podcast breathes life into missing … – Idaho Statesman

Best friends. True-crime fans. Storytellers.

That’s the simplest description of the Boise duo behind “Thin Air,” a podcast that for the past 16 months has been renewing public interest in cold cases involving missing people from across the United States.

Jordan Sims and Daniel Calderon, both 30-something schoolteachers, have long shared a fascination for reality TV shows such as “Big Brother” and “Survivor,” and true-crime shows such as “48 Hours Mystery,” “20/20,” and “Forensic Files.”

They got the idea to do their podcast when their favorite TV show, Investigation Discovery’s “Disappeared,” went off the air for a few years (it came back in mid-2016).

“To fill the void in our lives,” said Sims, who remembered calling Calderon one night to tell him she had an idea for a podcast — and the name for it.

Another inspiration, she said, was the podcast “Serial,” which blazed a new trail

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