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True crime stories of ‘Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda’ film throughout Knoxville


“Homicide Hunter” host Joe Kenda talks about the show during a visit to the Jupiter Entertainment studio and warehouses in Knoxville on Monday, October 30, 2017.

Joe Kenda’s life turned into a tale of true crime, televised 100 times over and filmed in Knoxville.

Kenda was a homicide detective for 19 of 23 years with the Colorado

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Joe Kenda, Homicide Hunter, will sign books in Williamsburg – Virginian

Suffolk’s Joe Kenda, who stars in TV’s “Homicide Hunter,” has a new book, and he’ll be plugging it next weekend in Williamsburg.

His TV series – in which he revisits cases from his time as a detective in Colorado Springs – is in its seventh season on the Investigation Discovery channel. It’s aired in more than 180 countries. The book, “I Will Find You: Solving Killer Cases From My Life Fighting Crime,” promises 19 new “horrifyingly real” cases with “mesmerizing” detail (Center Street, 288 pp.).

Kenda, who retired as head of the Major Crimes Unit of the Colorado Springs police, will be at William Mary’s Barnes Noble at 2 p.m. Sunday. Merchants Square, 345 Duke of Gloucester St. 757-221-1651.

Also: Shana Hollowell will read from and sign “Little Mouse’s Sweet Treat” in a story time at Blackwater Regional Library, Windsor branch, 11 a.m. Tuesday. Children will have a craft and a

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Find out more about Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda’s book

Lt. Joe Kenda

Lt. Joe Kenda has been out promoting his book I Will Find You

Lt. Joe Kenda of Investigation Discovery’s Homicide Hunter has been out promoting his new book, I Will Find You.

Kenda needs little introduction to anyone interested in true crime and has an illustrious career as a law enforcement officer. He investigated 387 murders during his two decades as a homicide detective with the Colorado Springs Police Department and had a very high rate of success when it came to solving them.

Lt. Joe Kenda's new book cover for I Will Find You

Lt. Joe Kenda’s new book I Will Find You

I Will Find You: Solving Killer Cases from My Life Fighting Crime, takes you behind the scenes of some remarkable and shocking crimes, together with the fascinating investigation process that results in them being

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INTERVIEW: Joe Kenda on his top-rated crime show, new autobiography

Detective Lt. Joe Kenda stars in Homicide Hunter on Investigation Discovery. Photo courtesy of Investigation Discovery / Kim Cook.

Investigation Discovery’s Homicide Hunter with Detective Lt. Joe Kenda, formerly of the Colorado Springs Police Department, is the top-rated show on the network, pulling in an average of nearly 2 million viewers per week. Audience members for the series, which premieres new episodes Wednesdays at 10 p.m., are also enjoying Kenda’s new autobiography, I Will Find You: Solving Killer Cases From My Life Fighting Crime.

The retired detective has a matter-of-fact line delivery that has caught the attention of true-crime enthusiasts, and in a crowded reality TV marketplace where surviving to see a second season is nearly impossible, Kenda has a hit on his hands. Homicide Hunter will celebrate 100 episodes this January.

That’s longevity.

“I’m busy, as they

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Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda: Horror in classroom as teacher Barbara Lewis poisoned with sodium hydroxide

Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda

Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda remembers the case of a teacher poisoned in class

This week Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda examines the poisoning of teacher Barbara Lewis.

Colorado in 1994 and Cheyenne Mountain High teacher Barbara Lewis was rushed to hospital after she began choking whilst at the school where she taught . At hospital medics struggled to save her life as her badly burned throat started to swell up and block her airways. Doctors were forced to carry out emergency surgery after the educator’s esophagus became restricted to less than the size of a pen.

Detectives worked out that Lewis was poisoned in her classroom through the bottle of water she was drinking. Someone had put sodium hydroxide crystals in the bottle whilst it was unattended.

Sodium hydroxide is sometimes known as  lye or caustic soda and it can cause very severe

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‘Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda’: Who Shot William Davis In the Head?

“Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda is all new Wednesday September 13 on Investigation Discovery In an episode titled “Knock Knock”, Joe Kenda and his team dig into a deadly shooting.

A group of friends were spending time together when two gunmen shot William Davis in the head. When the witnesses are unable to provide any solid leads it’s time for Kenda and associates to investigate the dead man’s past. As they go through his information they suspect someone in his inner circle is lying.

Lt. Joe Kenda, a veteran of the Colorado Springs Police Department, with one of the highest case closure rates in the country, reveals chilling memories of murders that still haunt him today. After 21 years of catching killers in the violent crimes department, Lieutenant Kenda has memories that 19 years of retirement – and even the best therapist in the country – can’t bury.

As fans of the show

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Renewed and Returning: “Mary Mary”, “Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda”

On tap for this week’s edition of Renewed and Returning are new seasons for shows on BBC, WE tv, Discovery Family, Investigation Discovery and more.

The BBC has commissioned STV Productions to produce four more series of the long running show, Antiques Road Trip, for BBC1. Series 15-18 of Antiques Road Trip (80 x 45 minutes) are now in production and will air over two years. The series follows the country’s top antiques experts as they battle it out to find quirky and valuable antiques to auction off for profit, with all revenue going to the Children in Need charity.

STV has also been commissioned by the BBC to produce a seventh season (20 x 60 minutes) of Celebrity Antiques Road Trip, featuring a new roster of celebrity antique hunters including Ricky Tomlinson, Stephen Tompkinson, Hayley Mills, Pam Ayres, Brian Conley, Chesney Hawkes and Debbie McGee.

Elsewhere, WE tv’s docuseries Mary Mary (produced by eOne) will return for its sixth and

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‘Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda’ Season Finale: Can Serial Rapist Be Stopped? (SNEAK PEEK)

“Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda” closes its sixth season with a race against time for Lt. Joe Kenda and his Sex Crimes Unit. In “The Monster Awakes” airing tonight at 10 p.m. on Investigation Discovery, information from a crime scene makes Kenda suspicious.

In the preview video clip posted below, Kenda says it’s highly unusual in a sexual assault case, particularly a rape for the perpetrator to stop and rob the victim of valuables – even if it’s in a private home. The victim told the investigative team that the man took her engagement and wedding rings.

That would be Julie Smith, whose husband had already left for work, leaving her alone in their home. Kenda surmises that the rapist did some surveillance of the Smiths’ residence, noting the times that Julie was likely to be by herself.

Besides the oddity of the robbery, on top of the rape, Kenda and his Sex

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Joe Kenda defamation lawsuit offers a glimpse behind the scenes of Homicide Hunter

Are Joe Kenda's cases real 2

Probably the all-time biggest knock against reality TV is that it isn’t real at all. Plenty of shows buck up against the genre’s norms–for example, History’s Alone, in which ten survivalists are dropped in the middle of a forgotten spot with nothing more than a handful of supplies and their wits, only looks fake if you’re an especially cynical person. And other shows are so obviously engineered and over-the-top (here’s looking at you, the entire Love Hip Hop franchise) that fans are encouraged to guffaw when the writer’s room shows.

Homicide Hunter is definitely in the former camp. But former Colorado Springs homicide detective Joe Kenda’s track record on the force–356 murders solved over 23 years, out of a possible 387 cases–is so unusual that it almost invites skepticism by

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Lt. Joe Kenda looks to Homicide Hunter for relief from the ‘river of death’ in his brain

Are Joe Kenda's stories true 3

Homicide Hunter‘s Joe Kenda is as unassuming and matter-of-fact in real life as he is on television. The Investigation Discovery mainstay was long retired from the Colorado Springs Police Department when reality TV producers came knocking on his door, and uninterested in any attention from the outside world. In fact, while fans may sometimes wonder “Are Joe Kenda’s stories true?”, it’s clear from Kenda’s demeanor that the relevant question to ask is “How true are his stories?”

Homicide Hunter producers got a taste of Kenda’s respect for his life’s work when they first sat down to film him–and presented Kenda with a script. “I’m not an actor,” he told them. “I’m a policeman. If you want me to tell you about this case, I will. If you want me to

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