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American Monster spotlights Kevin Dowling who killed a witness but was caught out by NASA scientist

Kevin Dowling fishing in video

Kevin Dowling had a seemingly cast iron alibi with him fishing on a boat

This week American Monster examines the case of Kevin Dowling, who was convicted of killing a store clerk to prevent her testifying against him.

In 1996 Jennifer Myers had been attacked at Gray Fox Gallery in Spring Grove, which she owned and operated. Her assailant had robbed and then attempted to rape her.

A few months later Myers spotted her attacker working at a local gas station and called the police. He was charged with robbery and indecent assault but before the trial started Myers was found dead. She’d been shot in the head and chest at the same gallery where the attack had taken place.

During the trial Dowling produced a video tape that he said showed he was away fishing at the time of the murder

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New clips of Christine Billis on TV with husband she killed in car crash shown on American Monster

Charlie and Chrissy Billis sitting together in TV show footage from American Monster

Charles and his killer wife Christine in one of their appearances on camera, shown on American Monster

New footage of killer Christine Billis on TV alongside the husband she left dead in a staged car crash are shown for the first time tonight on Investigation Discovery’s American Monster.

Billis intentionally drove the couple’s car into a tree but while she was belted up and suffered only minor injuries, her husband Charles, 57, was unbelted and died at the scene.

Tonight’s American Monster episode, titled The Last Broadcast, looks at how the tapes from a public-access TV show the couple were involved in show a “sinister tale” behind what happened.

It was initially thought the crash in 2009 in Charleston, Vermont, was an accident and that Christine had blacked out the wheel.

However, not long after

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Raul Rodriguez Killed Neighbor Kelly Danaher Over ‘Loud Music’ On ‘Fear Thy Neighbor’ Tonight

Raul Rodriguez shot and killed his neighbor, Kelly Danaher, over a dispute seven years ago in Huffman, Texas. Now, Investigation Discovery is airing the case on their weekly documentary Fear Thy Neighbor. Tonight’s episode, titled “Neighbors on a Dead End,” will dramatize the tragic events of May 2010, when Rodriguez gunned down teacher and fellow neighbor Kelly Danaher over loud music. The twice-convicted felon is now serving a life sentence in a Texas prison.

Summer of 2010: A Deadly Neighborhood Shooting In Huffman

Police were called to a subdivision in the 300 block of Oak Knoll, a rural community in Huffman, Texas. When officers arrived, they discovered one man dead and two other men badly injured. They had all been shot. Detectives

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