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Raul Rodriguez Killed Neighbor Kelly Danaher Over ‘Loud Music’ On ‘Fear Thy Neighbor’ Tonight

Raul Rodriguez shot and killed his neighbor, Kelly Danaher, over a dispute seven years ago in Huffman, Texas. Now, Investigation Discovery is airing the case on their weekly documentary Fear Thy Neighbor. Tonight’s episode, titled “Neighbors on a Dead End,” will dramatize the tragic events of May 2010, when Rodriguez gunned down teacher and fellow neighbor Kelly Danaher over loud music. The twice-convicted felon is now serving a life sentence in a Texas prison.

Summer of 2010: A Deadly Neighborhood Shooting In Huffman

Police were called to a subdivision in the 300 block of Oak Knoll, a rural community in Huffman, Texas. When officers arrived, they discovered one man dead and two other men badly injured. They had all been shot. Detectives

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Pamela Knight murder examined on Who Killed Jane Doe?

Pamela Knight's body was found in woods

Pamela Knight’s body lay undiscovered for nearly eight years

This week on Who Killed Jane Doe? the show examines the case of Pamela Knight, whose body was not found for years after she first disappeared.

It was October 27th, 2005 when Pamela Knight from Knoxville, Tennessee, went missing. The 35-year-old mother of three should have been celebrating what was the 7th birthday of her youngest son Michael Knight but she was never seen again.

Pamela Knight

Pamela Knight went missing in 2005

She was last seen heading off in the early hours with her husband in his jeep.  She never turned up for work the next day or collected her kids from school, the jeep was found abandoned in Jacksonville, Florida.

At the time her husband was questioned by police but without a body the case remained

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