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‘Wives with Knives’: Host says there is no profile of woman who kills significant other

“Wives with Knives” profiles marriages that have gone just about as bad as they can go. Criminologist and host of the Investigation Discovery series, Dr. Casey Jordan, spoke with FOX411 about the most horrifying crimes documented on the series, and what makes a woman snap.

“My most gruesome one was from season 1. A woman named Lori McLuckie who not only killed her boyfriend after he had raped her but then didn’t know what to do with his body and cut it up slowly over the course of weeks taking out a body part every day and putting it in the dumpster,” Jordan said. “The same week she was voted Employee of the Month.”

The attorneysaid many times a killer snaps after years of abuse, and there is not a particular profile for a murderer.

“I’ve interviewed about 45 women for ‘Wives with Knives’ over the course of the last four

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