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JT LeRoy: Incredible literary hoax profiled on Vanity Fair Confidential

Savannah Knoop as JT LeRoySavannah Knoop as JT LeRoy

Savannah Knoop as JT LeRoy, the literary hoax whose story is profiled on Vanity Fair Confidential

JT LeRoy was a literary prodigy, wowing readers with his autobiographical works about growing up as a former homeless, HIV-positive, heroin-addicted transgendered prostitute.

But all was not as it seemed. LeRoy was actually a fictitious persona created by American writer Laura Albert — but it took years for JT’s true identity to be revealed.

Thoughout the 1990s, the reclusive JT had never been seen in public but in the early 2000s he began making appearances.

By 2002, a then 21-year-old JT was supposedly writing the lyrics for a San Francisco band named Thistle, which was led by Emily “Speedie” Frasier and had her husband Astor Jones as the guitarist.

With celebrities flocking to JT’s side and authors

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