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Body of pregnant Reyna Marroquin found in a barrel under house after 30 years in Grave Secrets

Reyna Marroquin murder

Reyna Marroquin was murdered in a case that went cold for 30 years

This week Grave Secrets examines the murder of Reyna Marroquin in a case that took over 30 years to solve.

1999 and some new homeowners were getting ready to move into their house in Nassau County, New York, when the man organising the sale spotted an old barrel in the crawl space. When it was opened he was horrified to find the mummified remains of a young woman.

A forensic examination showed her to be of Hispanic origin, in her late 20s and was nine months pregnant. She was around 5’0 tall and had some quite unusual work done to her teeth and had died from blunt force trauma to her head.

Also in the barrel were two rings, a locket, dye and an address book. The dye matched

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Reyna Marroquin, Howard Elkins: ‘Grave Secrets’–Drum Barrel Murder Of Missing Pregnant Immigrant From El …

Reyna Marroquin and her married lover, Howard Elkins, will be the main story on ID’s Grave Secrets documentary this week. Reyna Marroquin was a pregnant immigrant woman from El Salvador who vanished in the 1960s in New York. Her mummified body was found in a barrel 30 years later inside a Jericho, New York home. New York detectives cracked the case in 1999. Howard Elkins, a retired businessman who police say killed the woman, took his own life when he was confronted with the crime. The Grave Secrets episode title is “Beneath the Stairs.”


Grave Secrets episode “Beneath the Stairs”

When a mummy with a fetus inside is found in a barrel in a New York home, detectives uncover the identity of a beautiful immigrant who vanished three decades before.



Reyna Marroquin: The Body In The Barrel

The case of Reyna Marroquin broke in 1999 after a black and white photo of the

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Javi Marroquin from ‘Teen Mom 2’ now making money via Instagram

Javi Marroquin from “#Teen Mom 2” may not be filming the show as much as before because he is now divorced from Kailyn Lowry. Kailyn is one of the original “Teen Mom 2” stars and she is filming the show as she’s going through her third pregnancy by third man. While her storyline has completely changed over the past year, it sounds like Javi was left out in the cold when it comes to the show.

As fans of the show know, Javi is spending his time with his friends, trying to understand how his ex-wife got pregnant just one month after they finalized their divorce. Of course, Lowry has explained that she got pregnant because her doctors told her she couldn’t have any more children and if she wanted to have a baby, the time would be now.

Kailyn decided to pursue the pregnancy even though she

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