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Raquel Calderin, Jesus Maqueira: Missing Miami Wife’s Corpse Found In Florida Everglades On ‘Perfect Murder’

Raquel Calderin’s corpse and car were found in the Florida Everglades. Her husband, Jesus Maqueira, killed her. Investigation Discovery’s the The Perfect Murder will dramatize their story of mystery and intrigue tonight. Raquel Calderin went missing from Miami, Florida, five years ago. Miami detectives were finally led to the canal, where her body was eventually found. The jealous husband killed the dedicated school custodian after she left him and moved in with another man. The Perfect Murder uses re-creations and employs several theory scenarios to round out the stories. Tonight’s The Perfect Murder episode is “Body In the Glades.”

A Life of Domestic Violence

Married for 20 years, Raquel Calderin, 42, had suffered years of domestic abuse with her violent and jealous husband, Jesus Maqueira, 56. Friends say Jesus wouldn’t allow his wife to have fun with her friends or associate with neighbors.

At times, Jesus Maqueira even watched Raquel as he

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