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Black Widow Blanche Taylor Moore featured on Evil Lives Here

Black Widow Blanche Taylor Moore seen her in 2004Black Widow Blanche Taylor Moore seen her in 2004

Black Widow Blanche Taylor Moore seen her in 2004

This week Evil Lives Here spotlights the disturbing case of so-called Black Widow Blanche Taylor Moore, who may have poisoned five or more people.

Blanche Taylor Moore as born in Concord, NC, in 1933 and first got married in 1952 to James Taylor. The pair had two children together, though their families would soon be subject to some strange deaths.

First was Blanche’s father, Parker, whom she had an on and off relationship with. He passed away in 1966 with what would later be seen as the symptoms of arsenic poisoning. In 1970 James Taylor’s mother, 83-year-old Isla, also died in a similar manner.

A few years later in 1973 Blanche’s husband starts to get

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Jimmy McClain, Dwayne Moore: Stepson Who Murdered Beloved Coach, Pastor, In Cordova, Tennessee, Spotlighted …

Jimmy McClain, the coach and pastor who was shot dead by his stepson, Dwayne Moore, will have his case aired on Nightmare Next Door. Jimmy McClain was gunned down in his Cordova, Tennessee, home three years ago. The murder rocked the town of Cordova and left students at Ridgeway High School devastated. The Nightmare Next Door episode that will feature Jimmy McClain’s story is called “Only the Good.” For the murder of his stepfather, Dwayne Moore, is currently serving a 22-year sentence in prison.

Nightmare Next Door: “Only the Good”

When a Tennessee high school coach goes missing, detectives make a grisly discovery, and the investigation will send detectives down a blazing trail, which leads them to a killer in the

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