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Kristina Cromwell, Paul Perveler: Former California Cop Killed Newlywed Bride For Lover In Insurance Murder Plot On …

The next episode of A Crime to Remember is pure TV crime noir. Investigation Discovery viewers will hear details of a shocking murder case that comes out of California.

Titled “The Newlydeads,” the new episode of A Crime to Remember will focus on the case of Cheryl Perveler, a pretty, statuesque newlywed bride who was found slumped in the front seat of her car almost 50 years ago. Her husband, ex-cop-turned-insurance adjuster Paul Perveler, and his blonde lover, Christina “Kristina” Cromwell, orchestrated the killings. However, there was also another victim in the case: Christina Cromwell’s husband, Marlin Cromwell, who was found dead in a fiery blaze years earlier. The story will be recounted by Los Angeles investigators and other crime experts who are familiar with the case.

A Crime to Remember will reveal that investigators were called out to a scene in Burbank, California, where the body of a woman

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