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Sharon Kinne, Patricia Jones: ‘La Pistolera’ Killer’s Story On ID’s ‘A Crime To Remember’ — Where Is She Now?

No one has ever stopped talking about the mysterious case of Sharon Kinne, the female killer known as “La Pistolera.” Her story will air on Investigation Discovery’s A Crime to Remember. Sharon Kinne escaped a Mexican prison after her conviction, and she hasn’t been seen since.

Telling the story on the A Crime to Remember episode “Luck Be A Lady” are crime experts, police detectives, and possibly family members. One of the best resources for the crimes of Sharon Kinne is the book I’m Just an Ordinary Girl: The Sharon Kinne Story by James C. Hays.

Woman Dressed In Black Sweater and Yellow Skirt Found Dead in Forest

In Missouri, the body of a woman was found dead in the woods in the summer of 1960. The remote strip was known as a lovers lane area. The victim had been shot multiple times. Police detectives identified her as Patricia Jones.

The circumstances

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