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Project Nazi: The Blueprints of Evil: New Series Debuts on American Heroes Tonight

“After their great defeat in World War I, Germany was a nation in pain and ruin – until Adolph Hitler emerged, promising a future of innovation and excellence for his people. Cloaked behind an image of hope, Hitler engineered history’s most evil regime, meticulously designing a campaign with emotional appeal to achieve his deadly intents. Now, American Heroes Channel (AHC) explores just how Hitler manufactured his radical plans in PROJECT NAZI: THE BLUEPRINTS OF EVIL. Premiering Wednesday, August 9 at 10/9c, the six-part series delves into the construction of Nazi Germany, closely examining the propaganda, posters and products used to propel Hitler into a state of absolute power. From the design of the swastika flag and the striking uniforms of the Storm Troopers, to the rebuilding of Germany’s roadways and greater economy, each episode features architects, engineers and designers as they closely dissect the carefully calculated decisions made to further

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Review: ‘The Migration Project: live performance art installation” at Jane Franklin Dance Company

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LMNO CEO Eric Schotz Launches New Production Company, Eyes History Project

EXCLUSIVE: Eric Schotz, president and CEO of embattled LMNO Productions, has formed a new company, Anvil 1893 Entertainment. The company already is said to have a project set at History, a historical documentary. LMNO, which is involved in a very public falling out with Discovery Communications, will remain in business.

A source close to Schotz says that with Anvil, the nine-time Emmy winner is looking to expand into areas of programming beyond the reality TV fare that LMNO is known for, both in terms of genre and types of content. Anvil will produce a range of content – scripted and unscripted – for television, film (including feature documentaries) and digital platforms.

Articles of incorporation filed with the Secretary of State’s office show that Anvil was set up on August 1 – the same day Discovery Communications filed a countersuit against LMNO, accusing the reality TV show producer of keeping two

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Marcia Clark Calls The OJ Simpson Innocence Project "Nonsense"

Marcia Clark may be a fan of FX’s The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story. But she is downright furious about another television project focused on the iconic case.

The former O.J. Simpson prosecutor lambasted the Investigation Discovery series that looks to exonerate the football star of the murder counts of which he was accused. Backed by Martin Sheen, Hard Evidence: O.J. Is Innocent turns the blame for Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman’s murders toward O.J. Simpson’s son, Jason.

“It is nonsense, because there is no real logic, there’s no evidence, there’s nothing to back it up, nothing,” Clark told Savannah Guthrie on the Today show April 5. “[Accusing Jason] is to me the most hideous thing you can possibly do.”

Jason Simpson, who was 24 at the time of his stepmother’s murder, has been flagged before in conspiracy theories

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