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Cold case murder of Rayna Rison spotlighted in Unusual Suspects

Rayna Rison Rayna Rison

Rayna Rison was just 16 when she was murdered

This week Unusual Suspects examines the murder of Rayna Rison, a case that took detectives 20 years to solve.

March 26, 1993, in La Porte, Ind, and 16-year-old Rayna Rison went missing and was never seen alive again. Her body was found around a month later in a shallow pond, she’d been strangled to death.

Rison was a bright student who also worked three jobs and had dreams of becoming a vet, but her life also had a darker side to it and she was the subject of abuse by several men in her life.

Police initially suspected her brother-in-law Raymond McCarty, who had impregnated her and was charged with child molestation. In 1998 he was also charged with her murder, but the charge failed to stick and

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